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Common problems and solutions of after sales

You can find all the purchase orders in your order center.

1.What should I do if I had paid already, but the products had not been delivered for a long time? 


Due to time lag or the delay of payment system, there may be cases that the delivery cannot be done in time. If the seller does not deliver the products within the promised time, you can remind the seller to deliver the products. 

Please contact the seller for help after two reminders. 

Remind the seller to delivery: 

Contact the seller:

2.What should I do if I want to refund?

(1) Payment has been done but product hasn't been delivered yet: 

you can apply for an initiative refund after 12 hours. 

(2)Refund request after the products have been received 

During the warranty period, if there are quality problems of the products, such as the account information does not match the description, the account has security issues, the account is suspended, etc., you can freeze the order, keep the evidence, and contact the seller to solve the problem; 

If the seller didn’t solve your problem, or the seller didn’t reply to you, then you can apply for an order dispute, send the problem and screenshot evidence to the online customer service, and our platform will intervene, judge and help to solve your problem.


How to contact online customer service staff?

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