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IGVAULT order status UPDATE notification

Dear IGVAULT sellers

In order to improve the order handling process and the speed and delivery for sellers, IGVAULT has optimized the status of orders. The status of undelivered orders are now divided into two states: "To be delivered" and "Delivery info is abnormal".


The following is a detailed description of these two statuses.


1. "To be delivered": refers to orders that have not yet been shipped.

①Orders in this status have already been provided by buyers with the correct order delivery information.

②IGVAULT will calculate the "Number of simultaneous orders" in the Seller Rating based on the number of orders in this status.

③If you find the information offered by the buyer is wrong during the delivery process, please make sure to click the "Delivery info is abnormal" button to feedback the error. Then the buyer will be notified and can re-upload the delivery information. Orders with abnormal information will not continue to appear in the "Delivery Scheduled". Conversely, if you do not handle the orders with wrong delivery information, they will take up the "Number of simultaneous orders" in the Seller Rating.

④This status consists of two sub-states, "Start delivery" and "Delivery has not started yet". If you have already started the delivery, you can tick the "Start delivery" tab in the order. These two sub-states help you to distinguish between orders that have started processing and those that have not.

2. "Delivery info is abnormal": This refers to orders with no or incorrect delivery information.

①If a customer places an order without providing delivery information, you are unable to deliver. This kind of orders will be showed in this status.

②In the course of shipping, if you find that the delivery information is incorrect and feedback the error, the order will appear in this status.

③For orders in this status, you can take the initiative to contact the buyers and ask them to provide the correct delivery information as soon as possible, so that you can complete the delivery and get relevant rewards faster.

If you have any other suggestions for optimisation, please feel free to contact us at:

E-mail:[email protected]


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