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What kind of products are allowed to be sold in iGVault?

1 After the seller has passed the review, click "Product Posting", and the page will jump to the listing page, where you can select the products you want to list. 

If you couldn’t find the products you want to list , you could contact our online customer service staff.

2 How to sell Dofus Kamas and FIFA 21 coins to iGVault

Dofus: please click this link: and then contact with the support online to sell it 

FIFA 21:  check the price and sell FIFA21 coins through this link:

You need to fill your FIFA Account information  in the link,including FIFA Account,password,FUT security answer,back up codes,then our system will begin to transfer the coins whenever there is in demand. But we can't make sure how many coins could sell during 24h. Please stay offline for 24 hours,and we will use your coins ASAP.

If you have a big amount of coins you can click this link to add our skype to sell it :

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