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How to become a seller in IGVault

1. Register an iGVault account

Since the email is used as an important reminder channel for sellers to apply for sales permission verification and after-sales order reminders, as well as verification of sales revenue withdrawal, please enter a real and valid email address. ps:Hotmail and Gmail are recommended.Registered address link:

After registering as a member, the page will jump to the iGVault homepage, open this link:, and then Click the "Start Selling" button on the SellIng on iGVault page to go to the seller application page.

2. Initiate seller's application

Verify the email, click Send Verification Code, you will receive the verification code sent by the system in your email, go to the email to receive the verification code and fill in the verification code here.

After verifying that the filling is correct, enter the seller's information and fill in the contact information and scale according to the actual situation. Individual sellers must upload the photos of the front and back of the ID card. If it is a company or studio, please upload the photo of the business license.

After the photo is successfully uploaded, the system prompts that the application is successfully initiated and enters the platform review stage. The platform staff will review your information as required.

After the review is passed, the system will verify it within 8 hours, and then send an email of successful activation permission to your registered email address, please check it.

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