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Account review issues

In general, our review time is 3-8H

1.Long review time

It may because of that the number verification system is malfunctioning or it is waiting for manual review. If it is still under review for more than 12 hours, please contact online customer service for details.

2.Account review failed

After the account review fails, iGVault will automatically send an email to your mailbox. The email will inform you of the reason for the failure. Please check the reason and provide the correct information to apply again. If you insist that there is no problem with the account information, please contact the online customer service for details.

3.  How to apply for a whitelist

If you plan to sell accounts in our website for a long time, you can contact the email: [email protected] to apply for entering the whitelist. The staff will evaluate your products and decide whether to add you to the whitelist.

After you enter the whitelist, you do not need to verify when you list your account, and the account products are directly listed. (The LOL account whitelist is invalid)

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