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How to contact the buyer

1. Please click the "my igvault" button at the top of the homepage, and then select "marketplace order". Then click "sales order" in the seller center to contact the buyer. You can refer to the screenshot below:

2. In the following situations, you will not be able to contact the buyer because the order has been resolved:
(a) Your seller authority is prohibited.

(b) This order has been reversed chargeback.

(c) This order has been added to the refund.

(d) This order has been out of warranty and the buyer has not rated the order.

If you belong to the above categories and you have important reason to contact buyer, please contact live support for help.

3. If you are not of the above types and still cannot contact the buyer, please make a screenshot or video of the failure and then contact us. We will check and help you.

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