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World of Warcraft Castle Nathria boss guide 4

No.4 boss----Artificer Xy’smox

He is a boss who transforms stages according to his health, and there are 3 stages in total.When his HP is 70% and 40%, he will use different artifacts to fight us.According to the different artifacts, his skills will be different.

First,let’s learn about the skills that are available throughout.

Dimensional Tear---This is his very core skill.

Notice: The wormholes are very important,they can be used to help the team avoid skills.After you use the wormholes once,there will be a 4 sec CD.

So try to arrange the location of the wormholes instead of running out of the crowd.It is best to place the two wormholes on both sides of the field, as far as possible.

Glyph of Destruction

Notice: This is a skill for tanks. As this skill explodes, the farther away from the crowd, the lower the damage, and it will leave the target with a debuff with a 50% increase in arcane damage.

The tank that is cast this skill needs to leave the crowd quickly, and the second tank attracts the boss.

Rift Blast

Notice: Just pay attention to avoiding this skill.

Stasis Trap (Heroic Difficulty)

Notice: Since these traps will always exist, some classes with immune skills are needed to clear them.

Hyperlight Spark

Notice: It's not a very complicated skill, just need healers to pay attention to the health of the whole group.

Next, it's the turn of different artifact skills at each stage.

Before 70% health, he will take out the Crystal of Phantasms.

Notice: Since being touched by souls will be controlled, players need to avoid these souls, which requires the wormhole mentioned above.

When his health reaches 70%, he will take out the second artifact---Root of Extinction.

Notice: The locations where these seeds appear are fixed, and they can be moved.So when the seeds appear, they need to be moved away from the crowd.

Those close to the seed will be cast a dot---Withering Touch.

Notice: This requires the healers to pay attention to the health of the person moving the seed.

Finally, when the boss’s health reaches 40%, he will use the last artifact---Edge of Annihilation.

Notice: This skill also requires the use of wormholes to avoid.

The above is all the skills of the boss.


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