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World of Warcraft Castle Nathria Boss Guide 8

World of Warcraft Castle Nathria boss guide

No.8 boss---Sludgefist

There are four pillars on the field.

He has an energy bar. When the energy bar is full, he will rush to the current tank, and the hit target will suffer a huge amount of damage and knocked off.

Therefore, the tank needs to quickly hide behind the pillar when the boss is charging.

When the boss hits the pillar, he will be unconscious and increase his damage by 100% for 12 seconds. At the same time, the rammed pillar will also be damaged. And apply a dot to the whole group, which will be added every time a pillar is damaged.

If the boss does not hit the pillar, he will hit the wall and cause the group to die.

---Therefore, the process of this boss battle is that we have to guide the boss to crash the four pillars in order, and we need to complete the kill before the boss charges for the fifth time.

After talking about the overall mechanism, let us understand the skills of the boss.

Giant Fists

Notice: The two tanks need to stay together at all times.

The boss also uses two chains.

Chain Link

Notice: Players who are cast this skill need to get close to each other to prevent the chain from breaking.

Chain Slam

Notice: The fixed player cannot move. A red circle will appear around him. After 4 seconds, everyone in the red circle will suffer shareable harm and be pulled under the boss' feet.

---Players need to enter the red circle to help spread the damage.

Falling Rubble

Notice: The player needs to keep moving.

Destructive Stomp

Notice: Don't let the boss be on the side of the pillar while casting this skill.

Colossal Roar

Notice: This skill will be cast when the boss has 0 energy and 60 energy.

Gruesome Rage

Notice: Triggers when the boss has 30% health remaining.

The above is all the skills of the boss.

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