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WoW Director Confirms That Players Can Expect Change in TBC Classic

Blizzard Confirms That TBC Classic Development Team is Embracing Change

WoW, Classic was a huge success for Blizzard. The director behind the game has confirmed that thousands upon thousands of players played the new game mode and confirmed that a huge sum of the people out of these thousands were completely new players.

According to him, these players were the ones that tried WoW Classic to see exactly what World of Warcraft was all about back when it first came out. Keeping this in mind, the team behind the upcoming TBC Classic will remain very faithful to the original expansion but will also be introducing some new changes which will be very noticeable.

Why Blizzard Has Decided to Implement Change in TBC Classic

This recent reveal regarding there being some major differences between the original The Burning Crusade and the upcoming TBC Classic expansion might come as a surprise to many, but it can be argued that the changes discussed are justified. In the age of the internet where walkthroughs, guides, forums, exploits, and more things of the sort are so common, Blizzard intends to mix things up to make things at least a little more difficult for the community.

According to user data, players were able to easily get through just about every single challenge that WoW Classic had to offer well before Blizzard expected them to. The community has so much knowledge about the game and the way that it’s played that it has become easy for them to get through any challenge that WoW has to offer up until this point.

In TBC’s case, game director Ion Hazzikostas said that there’s leatherworking, which everyone knows is the best profession by far. This isn’t something that players knew back then, but as users snoop around more and more they discover things. Now everyone knows that leatherworking is an easy way to jump so many levels. That’s why the team which went into the development of WoW Classic with the philosophy of no changes kept in mind is now the same team that’s stepping into TBC Classic’s development with the philosophy of some changes.

What Will These Changes Include?

All we know so far is that changes are to be expected, but exactly what these changes are is something that absolutely no one can say for now. Balancing problems along with various other issues like bugs and glitches that were found in the original version will surely be removed/less frequently encountered in the upcoming Classic version. Since the leatherworking profession was provided as an example, the development team could likely make some changes to it. Regardless, this question will finally be answered when World of Warcraft’s TBC Classic is finally released on June 1, 2021.

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