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WoW Best Paladin Tips and Tricks

Are you planning to join the WoW universe? If so, you might not wanna end up hating the game after some time. Well, the WoW you are planning to join is a mixture of intelligent planning and complex strategic gameplay all the way. And if you are going with nothing, you may end up hating the game. Well, not to worry as you have come to the right place at the right time. This article is based on a complete set of tips, tricks, and strategies you need to keep in mind.  


Before the details, let's go through a little intro about this article. This one is focused on the WoW Paladin class. We will get to know every important detail about the WoW Paladin class. We will look at its intro, racial compatibility, best specs, and much more. Points like strengths and weaknesses will also be considered. We will also highlight some of its best talents. Paladin is a very interesting WoW class and is a favorable option for most starters. If you are planning to choose Paladin then this is the thing for you. Otherwise, you can jump to another one of our articles based on your preferred class.

Getting Familiar with the Paladin Class:

First, something about Paladin. Now, this is a true team player we got here. Paladins are holy warriors who live and fight for a single purpose, to support their allies. You can't get better support from any class than Paladin. Paladins are mainly a versatile class that excels in healing and protection. Besides these, they can fight pretty well too. Paladins possess heavy plate armor and a shield which they utilize to protect weak allies. Being effective healers, Paladins use holy light to keep allies on their feet. Having a Paladin in the team is a big benefit for all. And seeing one on the enemy side is the opposite.  

Racial Compatibility:

No matter which class you choose, it always has compatibility with a certain race; you just need to find that race. You may think this is unreal but racial compatibility plays an important role for a class throughout its carrier. There are several advantages you get by choosing the right race and the opposite is also there. Each class has some cons and most of them are covered by choosing the right race. So, better not hurry with this one.

Coming to the point now, when it comes to Alliance races, there are plenty of options for a Paladin. You can choose among Human, Dwarf, Draenei, Dark Iron Dwarf, and Lightforged Draenei. We recommend going with the Human race. The reason behind this is that the Human racial abilities work quite well with the Paladin class. The Human racial "Will to Survive" removes any stun effects from the user helping with mobility. The racial "The Human Will" offers extra stat to the user. We will see how this is useful for the class.

Now coming to the Horde races, you can choose among Tauren, Blood Elf, and Zandalari Troll. We recommend taking your chances with Blood Elf. The reason again is its racial abilities. The racial “Arcane Torrent” restores mana while the other one, “Arcane Acuity” raises critical strike by 1% making it the most favorable Horde race for Paladin.


Human Paladin || Source: Reddit

Best Paladin Specs:

Like most of the WoW classes, Paladin also comes with three specs each with its unique traits and abilities. Now, which one should your pick? Well, it's a quite difficult choice in the case of Paladin. But for new players, we recommend the best option is Protection Paladins. Why is it so? Let's look into it then.

Protection Paladin is a tank spec that mainly focuses on team support by protecting and healing them. They possess some extremely useful defensive abilities including "Divine Shield" and "Lay on Hands" that are quite troublesome for the enemy. This set of abilities make them an excellent choice for leveling. Now about the point mentioned above, Protection Paladins work as a solid defense for the team with their smooth damage intake and a ton of protection and healing abilities. These things are easy for a starter to maintain rather than going into complex offenses. This makes it prefer Protection Paladin over the other two specs.  

Coming to the next one, we have Holy Paladins. Holy Paladins mainly excel in defense and single target healing. Being knows as healing specs, Holy Paladins own a complete set of healing and protection abilities. Some of their best healing abilities include “Holy Shock” and “Beacon of Light”. And we have “Blessing of Protection” and "Devotion Aura" for defense. Holy Paladins have a single disadvantage which is their single-target healing. We will discuss this one in the next section.

Lastly, we have the Retribution Paladin. Retribution Paladin is mainly a DPS spec that specializes in the offense. Master of some deadly abilities, Retribution Paladins excel in single-target burst damage. You can also go for Cleave and AoE burst using specific talents. The only disadvantage that keeps them back is their low mobility and too much reliance on cooldowns, which we will discuss in the coming section.


Holy Paladin || Source: Imgur


Protection Paladin || Source: GotWarcraft


Retribution Paladin || Source: GotWarcraft

Strengths vs Weaknesses:

As mentioned above, no matter which class you choose, each one has some cons that make it weak and unfavorable. The best way to counter those weak points is by utilizing the strong points intelligently.

Starting with the Protection Paladin, if we look at its weaknesses, mobility seems to be the first issue. As Protection Paladin mainly works by protecting and healing its allies. Although the damage intake on itself is quite low and sustainable this thing makes it vulnerable to damage. Well, a good counter against it is by keeping good self-healing ability like "Word of Glory" in hand. This will make you regain your lost health in no time. As far as mobility is concerned, this is where racial abilities come into account. You can use Human racial "Will to Survive" to remove any stun effects that mainly help with mobility.

Now coming to Holy Paladins, they struggle with mobility as well. Including that, Holy Paladins only deal in single-target healing and struggle in case of multiple targets. The mobility issue can be solved by Human racial “Will to Survive”. Other than that, Paladins have a unique ability “Divine Steed”, that doubles the movement speed for a limited time. This might also help with mobility. About the single-target healing, you can need to take multiple abilities with shorter cooldowns with you. This will make you use them more often which solves the problem to some extent.

Lastly, about Retribution Paladins, they also face mobility issues. Again, this can be solved to some extent by Human racial "Will to Survive" and Paladin's ability "Divine Steed". Including this, Retribution Paladins possess multiple utility spells including "Blessing of Freedom", "Blessing of Protection" and, "Blessing of Sacrifice". As for the cooldown reliance issue, it can be solved by “Unbreakable Spirit” talent.

Best PvP Talents:

For each class, there are a bunch of strong and useful abilities. To get a major leap over your foes, you need to choose some of the best talents. We have come up with some of the most useful talents for each Paladin spec below.






Bestow Faith

Heals a friendly target for 210% spell power after 5 sec.

Holy Avenger

Your holy power generation is tripled for 20 sec.   

Rule of Law

Healing range is increased including the reach of Mastery: Lightbringer by 50% for 10 sec.  


Crusader’s Judgement

Judgment has two charges and Grand Crusader now also grants a charge.

Unbreakable Spirit

The cooldown of Divine Shield, Ardent Defender, and Lay on Hands is reduced by 30%.

Consecrated Ground

Your Consecration is 15% larger and each enemy unit within it has 50% reduced movement speed.



Fist of Justice

The remaining countdown of Hammer of Justice is reduced by 2 sec by the use of each holy power.


Divine Steed now has two charges.

Final Reckoning

A blast of heavenly energy is called, dealing 250% of attack power holy damage to all targets in the target area. Lasts for 8 sec.

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