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WoW Best Monk Tips and Tricks

World of Warcraft is a multiplayer masterpiece with its complex strategic gameplay. With an ocean of players and an enormous fanbase, it certainly is a big challenge for newbies. As you must be familiar with, WoW requires a complete set of skills to survive in the game. And if you are planning to jump into battle with nothing, then you better expect the same result from it as well. Well, all is not in vain as we got you covered here. This article contains a complete set of tips and tricks you need to survive in the game. Not to forget, if you are already a good player, you can use this one as a head start.   


A little introduction before we get into it. This article is mainly based on the Monk class in WoW. We will go through some of the best strategies and tricks about the Monk class you need to know to the last longer in the game. We'll cover some of the best Monk strategies. We will also go through its strengths and weaknesses, best talents, compatibility with WoW races, and much more. So, if you are a Monk user then you better start reading. On the other hand, if you don't play Monk class then you can read another article of ours based on your favorite WoW class.

Digging into Monk class?

First, let’s dig into the WoW Monk class. Monk is a highly versatile class with an extremely useful set of abilities. Monks are excellent fighters that mostly rely on their hands and feet to do the talking. Being combat specialists, Monks use their inner Chi to power their abilities. Besides offense, Monks offer excellent team support which is their specialty. Monks utilize their Chi and Mana to control the battlefield by enhancing themselves, restricting the enemy, and healing the team as well as simultaneously attacking the enemy. Overall, having a strong Monk user is a blessing for the team and a nightmare for the enemy.  

Racial Compatibility:

Choosing the most compatible race is one of the most vital things for starters. As mentioned in other ones of our articles, certain races actually support a class by reinforcing its abilities. Therefore, you need to choose the correct one for your class.

Coming to Monk class, when it comes to the most compatible Allied races, we recommend going with the Human race. The reason behind this is that the Human racial abilities actually work as excellent support for Monk class.

Starting with “Will to Survive” that effectively removes any stun effects from the user. Irrespective of any class or any spec, this ability is great support. "Will to Survive" helps to gain mobility that mainly makes the user dodge any heavy attack that could result in a loss. Other than that, Human racial "Relentless" offers great support by reducing the incoming crowd control effect by 20%. This is extremely effective in case the user is a focused target of multiple enemy units. Another useful racial is "The Human Spirit" which makes the user gain 2% of all secondary stats. Overall, the Human race is the best option for your Monk class.

Now among the Horde races, we recommend going with the Orc race. Similar to Humans, Orcs possess a bunch of highly effective racial abilities that mainly reinforce a Monk. As mentioned earlier, Monk is a versatile class that can go well with both offense and defense. Regarding this, the Orc racial "Hardiness" helps a lot. "Hardiness" mainly reduces the stun effects by 20% helping with the user mobility. Now, about offense, they also possess "Blood Fury" racial that increases your attack power by 122 for 15 seconds making the user, a battle machine. So overall, Orc is a great match for your Monk class.


Orc Monk || Source: Wowhead

Choosing the Best Specs?

As mentioned earlier, Monks are a versatile class and excel in every department. They are excellent healers and also do well in the offense as well as defense. Monks offer three different specs each with its own set of abilities. Each of the three specs is completely fun to play, but considering things for a starter, we recommend going with the Brewmaster Monk.

What’s the reason? Well, Brewmaster Monk is a tank specialization that mainly focuses on defense and takes damage for the team. For a starter, who is new to the game, survivability is a preferred choice as compared to power and offense. Brewmaster Monk possesses a bunch of balanced abilities that make it last longer in the battle. It possesses "Dampen Harm" talent that reduces the damage taken by the user. Other than that, you get "Rushing Jade Wind" which is an excellent attack talent against multiple enemy units. It also possesses a "Healing Elixir" that mainly offers to heal. Overall, Brewmaster Monk is the best choice for you.

Now heading to Mistweaver Monk, which is mainly a healing type spec. It possesses a bunch of highly useful abilities. The best one of them is the "Rising Mist" that heals all the allies at the cost of spell power. Then there is the "Healing Elixir" which is again used for healing. Not to forget, the "Invoke Chi-Ji, the Red Crane" offers healing as well as removes any movement impairing effects. Overall, Mistweaver Monk is a good option but, not a good choice for a starter. As it seems to be a bit complicated for new players.

Lastly, we have the Windwalker Monk. Now, this one is all about offense. Master of martial arts, Windwalker Monks is a powerhouse with their great offensive talents. Their best talents include "Whirling Dragon Punch", "Dance of Chi-Ji", "Fist of the White Tiger" and others. Overall, Windwalker Monk is total fun to watch in a battle.


Brewmaster Monk || Source: GotWarcraft


Windwalker Monk || Source: GotWarcraft


Mistweaver Monk || Source: GotWarcraft

Strengths vs Weaknesses:

Just like other points, some weaknesses make the class unfavorable for many players. The best way is to tackle these with strong points. If we take a closer look, there is certainly a greater number of pros as compared to cons. We just need to tackle those cons by using the pros intelligently.

In the case of Brewmaster Monks, they have a comparatively low base health, which makes them vulnerable to damage. The best counter is by using abilities like “Tiger’s Lust”, “Chi Torpedo” and “Transcendence” that offer incredible mobility to the user. Higher the user mobility, lesser prone it is to damage. Including this, Brewmaster Monks possess excellent crowd control with help of abilities like “Leg Sweep” and “Paralysis”.

Now about the Mistweaver Monks, they are difficult to manage for new users. So, in case you play with these specs, make sure to only focus on healing above all. Mistweaver Monks possess the most powerful single-target healing by a wide range. Their "Rising Mist" and "Invoke Chi-Ji, the Red Crane" abilities are super effective for both the user as well as the team. So, make sure to focus on healing apart from other things.

Lastly, about the Windwalker Monks, they have poor sustained single-target damage. You cannot expect your Windwalker Monk to be victorious in a decisive one-on-one combat. On the other side, you might have missed the point. That's not all to it. Windwalker Monks offer excellent sustained AoE and Cleave. So, in case you are up against multiple small fries, you can rely on your Windwalker Monk to clear them with ease.  


Best PvP Talents for Warlock:

No matter which class you choose, you need to be well informed about abilities and talents to use them quickly and effectively. Let’s have a look at some of the best talents for Monks.





Chi Torpedo

Movement speed is increased by 30% for 10 sec.

Ring of Peace

Forms a ring in a selected area. Enemy units entering the ring are ejected.

Rushing Jade Wind

Summons a tornado causing 90% of attack damage to 6 enemies within 8 yards up to 6 seconds.



Chi Torpedo

Movement speed is increased by 30% for 10 sec.

Refreshing Jade Wind

A tornado is summoned that heals 6 allies within 10 yards for 9 sec.

Rising Mist

Heal all your allies and restore a number of effects for 4 sec up to 100% of their original duration.



Tiger’s Lust

Increase an allies movement by 70% for 6 sec.

Dampen Harm

Reduce the damage you take to a considerably low value.

Whirling Dragon Punch

Performs a whirling punch dealing 248% of attack damage to all nearby enemies.  

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