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Wine Festival Quest Reward Fully Resolved

The Wine Festival has been opened on the early morning of September 20, adding 80 level cooking food, a mount announced out of print, compared to the 60's Wine Festival has added a lot of content.

┃Enjoy the Wine Festival, Win A New Reward

This year, the 21 day duration of the Wine Festival prize coins has been cancelled. You can exchange them for brand new items at the Wine Festival merchants.

First we go to the Ironforge/Orgrimmar gate to receive the Wine Festival related quests: 

1. Throw A Wine Glass 
Hold the wine glass on the table behind the NPC and point it at the robot walking around in front of you five times. 

2. Catch Wolpertinger

Get Synthebrew Goggles from an NPC and grab 5 Wolpertinger around the Wine Festival camp. 

3. Pink Elekk 
Go to three major cities and wear Synthebrew Goggles and grab three Pink Elekks with a prop.

4. Now This is Ram Racing... Almost 
This quest needs to keep the ram racing in three states for three minutes each. 
Maintain a Trot for 8 seconds 
Maintain a Canter for 8 seconds 
Maintain a Gallop for 8 seconds 
It should be noted that rams will tire out and become very slow when the fatigue value reaches 100.

5.There and Back Again

The Horde's target NPC is in the direction of Razor Ridge, and the Alliance's is in Karanos. When approaching the target NPC, he will throw a barrel of wine at you. Along the way there are two places can eliminate the fatigue value, the shape is a wine barrel, close to eliminate. 

6.Shouting for Wine

Daily task: ride the ram to each district of the main city and then go back within the specified time. 

7. Defend The Wine Festival

Every hour and half during the wine festival, there will be an attack of black iron dwarves, requiring players to protect the three large wine barrels on the field.

┃Wine Festival Exchange Rewards

This year's Wine Festival prize coins can be redeemed for the following items

No Wolpertinger this year, meatballs. 100 prizes.

In addition, there are several level 80 wines available from NPC selling wine, which increase stamina or crit rating by 40 when used.

┃Wine Festival Mounts

Swift Brewfest Ram and Great Brewfest Kodo

For faster access to these rewards and mounts, click  WOW WotLK Classic

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