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What can we do after full level?

World of Warcraft 9.0 Shadowlands has been opened for two weeks,I believe most of your first characters are already full level.There are even many people who have got three or four full level characters.So,today we are going to enumerate what can we do after full level.

-Choose your covenants

The very first thing after full level is to choose your covenants.

Then follow the quest line to unlock covenant skills, fame, soul deeds, world missions, and covenant-specific mounts.

Different covenants have different skills and covenant-specific mounts.Choose your covenant wisely can even enhance your character.

-Complete the Covenant Campaign

Completing covenant Campaign is a very important prerequisite for unlocking the soul deed system and spirit guide.After choosing the covenant and completing the corresponding "mission" task, you can unlock the covenant campaign.

At this stage, we can contact with fame,soul deeds,fetters, spirit guides,heart energy, strengthening sanctuary, etc. It is not complicated and can be unlocked one by one along the task line.

-Torghast, tower of the damned

Torghast is an endlessly replayable, ever-changing dungeon that you can challenge alone or in a group.

Your runs will differ each time,but you’ll need to explore cautiously. Defeat enough of Torghast’s unpredictable challenges, and you’ll be rewarded with unique abilities and items to ensure your present survival or bolster your next run.

The further you progress, the greater your likelihood of retrieving materials to craft the legendary weapons and armor that will help you restore balance to the Shadowlands.


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