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WLK full professional income the most detailed information

With Blizzard officially announcing that WotLK classic will be released sometime in 2022, many players are already preparing for WLK. Expertise revenue has always been a concern in World of Warcraft, and level 80 is no exception.

The following will introduce WLK classic for players in each professional detailed guide, and to provide you with a professional collocation recommendation.


WLK Earnings details: Manufacturing

1. Jewelry processing

Jewelcrafting benefits are similar to level 70, with exclusive gems available, except that these gems can be reused up to 3.

The three gems have a wide range of options, including 34 strength/Agility/Intelligence/Spirit, 34 armor sunder/Critical hit/dodge/parry/Accuracy/Toughness/defense, 68 attack power, 39 spell strength, 51 endurance, and 43 spell penetration.


Other specialties generally benefit from two epic gems with 40 major/minor attributes /46 mana /60 stamina, while jewelcrafting 3 exclusive gems adds 42 major/minor attributes /48 mana /63 stamina.

Jewelcrafting is one of the most profitable specialties in the WLK edition.


2.  Forging

Forging is a popular specialty option for WLK, and the biggest benefit is that you can punch holes in the gloves and wristbands, which can be inlaid with two extra gems. If the gem is counted as an epic gem, it adds 40 main stats/armor sunder, 60 stamina, 46 spell damage.


The advantages of crafting are freedom and flexibility, allowing players to increase their gains on different items, such as tank mount stamina, DPS mount main stats.


3.  leather production

The benefit of skin crafting is that you can add your own super powerful enchant to your bracers, with 130 attack power, 76 spell power, 70 various resistances, and 102 stamina. Compared to normal enchant with 50 attack power and 46 spell power, leather gains 80 attack power and 46 spell power for exporting classes, equal to the normal gains of two epic gems.


In addition, leather makers can enchant their leg warmers with very little material.


4. Inscriptions

Inscriptions is a new skill for WLK. For inscriptions masters, the benefits are exclusive shoulder enchant, including: 60 Dodge level 15 Defense level tank enchant, 70 spell power 5 seconds 8 mana healing, 70 spell power 15 crit level Spell output, 120 attack power 15 crit level physical output.


These are comparable to the highest level of enchantments offered by the Sons of Hodil, 40 more dodge level /46 more spell power and 80 more attack power.


5. Enchanting

The benefits of enchant are similar to those of TBC, both are exclusive ring enchant. The ring enchant attribute in WLK is 30 stamina /23 spell power /40 attack power, no standouts.


6. Alchemy

Alchemy has been added to the WLK version with a passive ability called "blend". The effect is that alchemical stones use a blend for better effects and longer duration. Effect duration increased from 1 hour to 2 hours, plus 80 bonus attack power when using physical Spell Mix and 46 bonus spell power when using spell Mix.


7. Embroidery

The benefits of embroidery in WLK are three exclusive enchantments. All three embroideries are a trigger effect, with 400 attack power /295 spell power for 15 seconds or 400 mana regeneration. The effect has a built-in CD60 seconds, which can be triggered when the CD arrives. The coverage can be considered 1/4. This is equal to 100 attack power /74 spell power.


Cloak's normal enchant is 23 haste or 22 Agility, which is significantly lower than 80 attack power for physics, but more than 50 spell power for Law classes.


8. Engineering

Engineering is one of the most profitable majors for WLK, and there are two mittens for level 80 engineering:

·"Super Accelerator" - allows you to activate once a minute to increase haste by 340 for 12 seconds, and can be used in conjunction with the Burst skill for an average bonus of 68 haste. With a regular enchant of 44 attack or 28 magic spells, this glove is definitely the strongest for DPS, surpassing the benefits of other classes.


·"Armor mesh" - adds 885 armor to gloves.

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