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The reasons of WoW 9.0 is the most suitable version for new player?

Indeed, many people say that the World of Warcraft 9.0 version is the most suitable versionfor new player recently. The first point is that it is compressed from the current level 120 directly back to the full level 60. After 9 major versions, one of the biggest problems that World of Warcraft facing is the connection of many expansionary content on the way to upgrade.

This year happened to be a overheating in WoW classic . It was just in the 60s of World of Warcraft. Everyone who has played World of Warcraft knows that it has only just begun when the world of Warcraft’s level is full. After so many versions, the speed of upgrading has become an accumulative problem. To reach the full level, you must concentrate on the upgrade stage of all versions. Although some upgraded welfare activities will be launched at the end of each version, many newbies often cannot keep up who enter the pit halfway.

Newly created characters after 9.0 will have a unified novice village in the first ten levels. After the tenth level, we can choose one of the previous expansions to upgrade and experience, and we can freely switch of the dynamic level setting halfway.

In the new novice village, the mission will be a new brand experience, even old players can re-experience it. The creation of Demon Hunters and Death Knights will start from level 8 (may be adjusted).

The speed of the upgrade has also been optimized. Someone has done a special challenge. It took only 6 hours and 55 minutes to go from level 1 to level 50. Of course, this can be regarded as the maximum. The current test server level is limited to level 53, so the leveling speed of level 50-60 is still uncertain, but based on the experience of the previous version at full level, it should be about 8 hours. In short, the new version 9.0 is in the difficulty of getting started has been simplified a lot, it has become very easy to get started, and it is very suitable for cute new pits.">

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