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The Trading Post of World of Warcraft

The new system of World of Warcraft, complete the task to get the mount and out-of-print rewards of the mall for free!

According to the latest news from the official website of the US server, World of Warcraft will launch a feature-the trading post. Players only need to complete monthly activities to earn currency, and then exchange for some special rewards, even including mounts and items in the mall that are currently on sale or out of print!


A group of new merchants will transport their goods to the main cities of Stormwind City and Orgrimmar, and they can already be seen in the game that they are rushing to construct. Stormwind City is located next to the canal in the Mage District, and Orgrimmar is located in Next to the fort.


To get the brand new currency called "Trader's Tender", players have two ways, login and missions.

The first is to log in every month and go to the trading post, you can get 500 tenders from the treasure chest, which is completely free.

The second way is to complete the monthly activities in the traveler's log. These tasks will be rotated, including completing quests, competing in battlegrounds, taking part in holiday activities, and even running Mythic+ dungeons, etc., as long as you complete these, you can get additional tenders. The total amount of tenders obtained from monthly tasks is limited, so players do not need to complete all tasks, and can choose their favorite content to challenge according to their own preferences.

These contents can be viewed in the new traveler's log, and there is a progress bar at the top to show the progress of your earning tenders. When you reach a certain value, you can go to the collection box of the trading station to get these tenders.


After obtaining the tenders, you can find traders to exchange for prizes. We can see from the official screenshots that players can even use 900 tenders to exchange for the current mall mount - Celestial Steed. Traders will update their inventory monthly, and there will be many exciting items that have never been seen in the game.

Blizzard said that this is just the beginning of this new reward system, and more features should continue to be developed later. This system will also be tested on the PTR test server soon, and players will be able to see the relevant content of the system as long as they log in to PTR.

For this system, everyone should feel familiar after reading the introduction. In fact, many games (especially mobile games) currently have similar systems. Regardless, it's a decent system, and a huge boon for players who like to collect some interesting transmogs, items, and mounts. Hope to see more fun and interesting new rewards in the trading post.

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