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The Best Professions for Making Some Quick Money in TBC Classic

Making Money in WoW: TBC Classic

The Burning Crusade Classic is finally upon us after a lot of waiting, and it’s been a few weeks now since it was released. One important thing that every single player should know, and probably already knows by now, is that fighting enemies while completing fun quests isn’t all that the game is about. Resource management is very important, and so is finding a stable source of income that can provide users with some extra gold to spend.

Gold is the main currency in the game and offers players the chance to buy many different things from vendors to upgrade their character among other things in the game. You can get a decent amount of gold from completing missions and doing extra tasks, but one of the best ways to earn more of this currency is to get a good money-making job. There are lots of good choices when it comes to these jobs in TBC Classic, with the best ones out of them discussed below.

The Best Money Making Professions to Try in TBC Classic


While alchemy didn’t end up being a very effective way to make gold for everyone that tried it in real life centuries ago, it certainly is one of the best options for players in TBC Classic. The reason why this particular profession is one of the best when it comes to making money in the game is that it also helps your character with a wide range of other things. This includes providing the ability to create potions, elixirs, along with various other things such as reagents for other professions in the expansion.


Mining is one of the best professions in TBC Classic because it provides a lot of money in one of the easiest ways. All users need to do is gather gems as well as ores from certain nodes and then smelt these materials into bars. These bars are then sold for other professions like blacksmiths to make the most out of. Many might think that locating these nodes and then mining them can be a bit of a hassle, and that’s true to a certain extent. But once players get the Find Minerals spell, locating these becomes a breeze.


The last and probably the best money-making profession of them all in TBC Classic is jewelcrafting. The name of this specific job speaks for itself. This new profession which was added in TBC Classic lets users cut precious gems to create special items which one might occasionally need while also providing the option to sell said precious gems for very high prices. This makes it a great option to earn some quick gold in the game. 


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