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Our Guide for the Best Hunter Strategies in TBC Classic

WoW TBC Classic Hunter Guide and Tips for Players

When it comes to WoW: Classic, not all classes in the game were exactly as balanced as one might like. Some were a bit too strong, while some were a bit too weak. For example, the Hunter class certainly wasn’t the best one around. This has changed now though with the release of the TBC Classic expansion.

Hunters have had some huge upgrades handed to them, along with a lot of new traits which make them one of the best options for anyone to use. With that said, more and more players have begun learning how to play as these Hunters in TBC Classic. If you’re one of these players and are wondering how to become much better at playing the class, here’s what you need to be focusing on.

Choosing the Right Spec

The first and most important thing to do is to choose the best spec for yourself. Most classes in TBC have many different great specs which can be quite difficult to choose between, but that’s not the case with the Hunter in this expansion. While there are other main specializations for this class, none of them are close to being as helpful and powerful as the Beast Mastery spec. That’s why we recommend that all players decide to go with this spec as opposed to the other ones.

To get into further detail, Beast Mastery is a spec that focuses both on maximizing the damage of your character as well as the pet that you own. Once these have been maximized, players unlock some cool new traits and cooldowns which give them a huge advantage in certain aspects of the game. This spec is considered one of the best by far when it comes to PvE, especially for raids. It focuses on ranged damage and is capable of mowing down enemies before they can ever get close.

The Best Strategies for Improving

When it comes to improving as a Beast Mastery Hunter, the first thing to focus on is improving ability, resource, and cooldown management. This is something that can take a lot of time, but practicing more and more against smaller waves of enemies will help greatly.

 Once this is done, you’ll already be a deadly player because of just how great the Beast Mastery Hunter class is. However, to improve even further, the next thing to focus on is reading. Learning how to adapt your tactics according to the actions of enemies will help greatly in PvP aspects, while also making you a very strong asset for any PvE activities.

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