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Blizzard has officially announced the launch of the Wrath of the Lich King Retrospective Beta

On June 23, Blizzard officially announced that the Wrath of the Lich King nostalgia Beta has officially opened. The difficulty of Team Raids has been increased. Added Mythic Dungeon mechanic! Upgrade speed up 50%, basically confirmed to be online in September!

All players who are eligible to participate in beta B will receive an email with the option to download the WLK classic client and copy their characters from the TBC classic server into the WLK beta.

Wrath of the Lich King nostalgia Beta has officially opened. The difficulty of Team Raids has been increased.

Blizzard also released developer Update: Wrath of the Lich King Preview.It mentioned some changes made by the official WLK classic at present, and the changes are summarized as follows:

●The first stage of Naxsamas is too easy, WLK classic will increase the monster's health and damage. The overall increase in difficulty is intended to allow players to move to P2's Aldur more normally without being frustrated by the difficulty gap.

●There will be changes to the heroic 5-player raids to make sure they remain attractive throughout WLK. Increased the difficulty of 5-player raids and increased the reward for 5-player raids. It is possible that similar to the M-raids on the official server, equipment levels will increase as the version changes, and the Mythic Dungeon will increase the challenge level.

●Emblem system has been modified to include the Emblem-of-courage and the Emblem-of-hero, the Emblem-of-hero for the highest raids, and the Emblem-of-courage for the 5-player raids.

TBC new account upgrade speed increased by 50%

On June 22, Blizzard officially announced a new campaign.

Community manager Kaivax says that with wrath of the Lich King's classic approaching, officials are hoping for special events to celebrate the (yet another) defeat of Kil 'jaeden and the Burning Army, and prepare players for their adventures in Northrend.

In the next few weeks blizzard will be adding a global buff to the TBC classic that will increase all experience sources by 50%.

WLK is basically set to begin in September or October

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