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Blizzard: WLK will not open race switch, dual talent switch has no restrictions!

Since Blizzard released this year's WLK nostalgia, many of the game's hot content has become the topic of crazy discussion among players. Blizzard's chief planner, Brian, has been busy answering questions about the game, and recently we've seen some key information about dual talents and switching races and factions.

There are no restrictions on the dual talent switch

Brian Birmingham, the mastermind behind world of Warcraft retro, who describes himself on Twitter as the "WoW Clasicc Lead," recently revealed some information in an interview with Wowhead.

Wowhead questions:

A few days ago, there was a tweet saying that Blizzard would be limiting the dual talent system in the WLK retro server. Can you elaborate on what the restrictions are and why they are needed?

Brian Birmingham answers:

First I want to confirm that the dual talent system will not have any new limits beyond those set by the original WLK. The only limitation is that you can't switch talents in battle, battlefield, or arena, and the switch has a cast time, after which it empties your resources (mana, rage, etc.). These are the most authentic reproductions of the original WLK.

This means that previous online comments about Blizzard adding various restrictions to the dual talent switch are actually incorrect. Everyone can rest assured that the dual talent is still the original dual talent, can be very easy to switch.

There is no faction or race switch for WLK nostalgia

On May 8, another player asked Brian the same question, which was of great concern to players. He asked

Will players be able to switch races and factions like the original WLK?

Can players create alliances and clan characters on the same PvP server?

There are no plans to switch races or factions, and there are no plans to allow players to have dual factions on PvP servers.

He added that the reason for the decision was not to switch races and factions like the original WLK did, because it was part of the "spirit of nostalgia" and each player character had a unique story and feelings, and there was no reason to change their race. If you're ready to switch races just because of the strength of your race, that's a different issue.

That statement was reaffirmed in his interview with Wowhead yesterday.

Currently blizzard official counter rotating race and camp is opposed, they think the players when choosing the role his own race and camp is consider to be clear about, if because of the strength of the talent race now to change, so the official may solve the problem of unbalanced, and not let everyone turned to the strong race and camps.

If the service of switching races and factions is opened, the imbalance between factions and races will be more serious, which is not what the authorities want to see, so the current approach is on the magic of "racial balance".

Brian finally mentioned some thoughts on the "magic change". He said that there have been some successful examples of TBC retro suits adding martyrdom seals to alliance paladins, and that this balanced approach has been well received by players.

He then goes on to give some examples, if the tauren war stomp or gnome Escape master is too powerful for everyone, can we make those race abilities available to everyone, or cut some race abilities that are too powerful for everyone. Another idea would be to allow everyone to choose any race in the arena, which would be a very interesting situation and would interfere with the opponent's prediction and judgment, which would make the fight more suspenseful. Imagine being "shocked" when you see a gnome using a war stomp.

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