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Black Temple Attunement Guide The First Seven Bosses

Black Temple Attunement Guide

The Black Temple is the fortress-citadel of Illidan Stormrage, the Lord of Outland. It was once the Temple of Karabor, the temple of the draenei, and the draenei's happy life in the temple began here. But then the orcs and Magtheridon occupied the temple, and part of the draenei headed by Akama was displaced. Akama was also in the long-term wandering and fighting, and was released by Ner'zhul when he opened the Outland portal. The influence of energy, from the draenei into the current Shatterer.

Illidan Stormrage, who has taken possession of the Black Temple, has lost his mind, and has vowed to grind all intruders to powder. And Akama, who is quietly waiting for the arrival of the hero.


The map

·Black Temple Open Quest: Help Akama - The Key to the Door Quest

·Black Temple questline finale: Death of the Betrayer - Kill Illidan


High Warlord Naj'entus(HP: 3800000)

Skill list

Needle Spine:

Fires a needle spine at an enemy target, dealing 2890 to 3910 damage to the target and an additional 2280 to 2520 damage to nearby enemies within 6 yards of the target. This ability is cast almost all the time and can be reduced by armor.


Impaling Spine:

Impaling Spine is cast on random raiders (but not the main tank) throughout the fight. It deals 4513 damage initially and an extra 2750 damage every 3 seconds and stuns the target. When a player is afflicted by Impaling Spine, a large "Spine" object spawns around them. Another raider must come near them and click on the spine. This removes the Impaling Spine debuff and gives the clicker a Naj'entus Spine.


Tide Shield:

Tidal Shield is the main mechanic of the Naj'entus encounter. The boss will periodically cast Tidal Shield, making them immune to all attacks and damage and also healing for 1% of their max health every 2 seconds. This shield can be broken by a player using a  Naj'entus Spine from their inventory, but doing so will cause  Tidal Burst, dealing 8500 frost damage to everyone in the raid.



Berserk happens 8 minutes after Naj'entus is engaged, quickly leading to a wipe.


Kill Guide

Difficulty Level: 1/5


Failure Considerations: 

When the shield is broken, the group’s blood is not healthy enough, resulting in too much attrition or even Tank down.


Position display:

① The whole group is spread out 6 yards to reduce the blood pressure dealed by the needle spine.

② Right-click to remove the thorns on the companion of Impaling Spine in the immediate vicinity.

③ Before the Shield of the Tide, the healer heals the whole team's HP, the Warlock stops changing the mana, and throws the thorn to break the BOSS's shield after listening to the command password.




Skill list

Phase 1 Stage - can be tanked in place

Hateful Strike [Healing]:

Supremus will frequently cast Hateful Strike. This ability targets the player within melee range who has the most health and is also not the primary threat target. It will be necessary to have a second tank character to absorb these Hateful Strikes.


Molten Flame [dodge]:

Supremus will spawn Molten Flames. This is a blue patch of flame that starts in one spot and crawls towards a randomly chosen player, covering more area as it follows them. It will follow and spread for about 10 seconds, then persist for another 10 seconds after that before despawning


Phase 2 Stage - Fixate Stage


Supremus will Fixate on random players in the raid. This deals the boss to focus that player and ignore everyone else. The fixated player must run away to avoid being hit by Supremus's devastating melee attacks. Supremus will frequently change the Fixate target, so everyone needs to be alert and ready to run.


Volcanic Geyser[dodge]:

Volcanic Geysers will spawn randomly around the room during phase 2. These deal fire damage to players around them and despawn after about 20 seconds. Players running away from Supremus will need to be aware of where the volcanoes are so that they can avoid them.


Lava flames [dodge]:

same as Stage P1


Kill Guide

Difficulty: 1/5


Failure Considerations:

In the P2 stage, the Volcanic Geyser killed a group.


Position display:

① Spread out as shown in the figure, pay attention to dodge the blue flames on the ground.

② In the stage P1, if it is protection talent knight for sub-tank, please change to high stamina equipment; it is best to arrange a special treatment for sub-tank to brush blood to prevent sudden death;

③ Don't panic if you are fixated on in the P2 stage, first give a harmless charge to let you roll away before chasing you, you can't catch up with you at all;

④ Volcanic Geyser damage is high, you must pay attention to hide, eat sugar in time, basically all in extinct volcanoes.


Shade of Akama(HP:1000000)

The mobs and skills

Ashtongue Channeler:

HP 125000; no skills, only control the shade of Akama, a total of 6, after the death of 3, the shadof Akama began to move towards Akama.


Ashtongue Wizard: 

HP 100000; no skills, if the Ashtongue Channeler dies, the position will be filled.


Ashtongue Elementalist:

HP 23000,; Lightning Bolt, 2000-2500 damage; Rain of Fire, about 3000 damage every 2 seconds.


Ashtongue Rogue:

HP 28,000; Debilitating Poison, dealing around 2,000 damage every 2 seconds, extending the interval between attacks and spells; Eviscerate, Melee range direct damage.


Ashtongue Spiritbinder:

HP 23000; Spirit Heal, 2500 every 2 seconds, total 10 seconds; Spirit Heal +9500; Chain Heal, +8000, 4 targets.


Ashtongue Defender:

HP 88000; Shield Bash, 1000 damage, with interrupt; Debilitating Strike, weapon damage, with damage reduction debuff;


Position display:

Kill Guide

Difficulty: 0.5/5

① The overall process: Go up and kill 6 ashtongue Channeler. After 3 die, the boss moves to Akama, and then starts to cut Akama. In theory, Akama can only survive for about 70 seconds. Shade of Akama destroyed. After entering the battle, the  ashtongue Elementalist, ashtongue Rogue, ashtongue Spiritbinder and ashtongue Defender will be refreshed at the gates on both sides every 50 seconds. Ashtongue Defender spawns independently and will first run towards Akama before being pulled into aggro.

② After the monsters are opened, go up in a large group and kill the ashtongue Rogue magician in the established order.

③ There are one tank, one healer, and one decelerator at the gates on both sides. After refreshing the mobs, bring them to the stage and kill them together.

④ After the BOSS walks towards Akama, try to clear the scene as quickly as possible. After the BOSS arrives in front of Akama and starts attacking, the mobs stop refreshing.

⑤ The remaining mobs that have not been cleaned up can also be pulled and killed together, and the bloodlust is used to kill the shadof Akama, the mobs disappear, and the equipment is picked up and left.



Teron Gorefiend(HP:5000000)

Skill list

Incinerate [Dispel] [Healing]:

Deals around 3000 fire damage to random targets and around 2800 damage per second for 3 seconds. This skill can be dispelled.


Crushing Shadows:

Inflicts a debuff on 5 random players, increasing their shadow damage taken by 60% for 15 seconds.


Summon Doom Blossom [Healing]:

Summons a black cloud, which frequently casts shadow arrows to players, dealing 2000-3000 damage. The black cloud exists for 2 minutes, and there are at most 4 at the same time.


Shadow of Death:

Apply a debuff to a random target, the player must die after 55 seconds and become vengeful spirit, and 4 shadowy construct will be spawned at the same time. This skill has a 30 second CD.


Vengeful Spirit:

Transformed by the player in shadow of death, can be controlled by the player, and dies after 1 minute. The vengeful spirit has 4 skills, which correspond to the 1/3/4/5/7 shortcut bars of the pet action bar.


Spirit Strike:

 Pet action bar -1, melee attack, cut can reduce the target's damage by 10%, lasts for 5 seconds, can be used on the BOSS.


Spirit  Lance: 

Pet action bar -3, dealing about 6500 damage to a single target, can only be used on shadowy creatures. Similar to an ice gun.


Spirit Chains:

 Pet action bar -4, control the surrounding shadowy construct, dealing 10000-11000 damage and dealing a confinement effect, any damage may break this effect, can only be used on shadowy creatures; 15 seconds CD. Similar to an ice ring.


Spirit Volley:

Pet action bar -5, dealing 12000 damage to surrounding units, can only be used on shadowy creatures; 15 seconds CD.

Spirit Shield:

Pet action bar -7, applies a shield to the target, absorbs about 12000 shadow damage, lasts for 30 seconds, can be used on friendly living players; 90 seconds CD.


Shadowy Construct HP: 59500

·Shadow Strike [Strong Brush]: Deals 2000-3500 Shadow damage to the player.

·Shrinking [Strong Brush]: lower damage, with a 5% attack speed reduction effect


Kill Guide

Difficulty: 2/5


Failure Considerations: 

The player who is hitted by Shadow of Death did not destroy the dark structure, and killed too many players in the group.


Position display:

① As shown in the figure, after opening the monster, go to the position behind the BOSS in a large group to maximize the distance from the shadowy construct.

② Heal and increase the HP of the whole group, and pay attention to dispel magic in time.

③ Those who are in the shadow of death will have a 55-second debuff, continue to DPS, and run to the farthest corner of the wall for the remaining 15-20 seconds to wait for the death-transforming vengeful spirit.

④ After becoming vengeful spirit, 4 shadowy construct will appear at the same time, and they will move towards the large group.

⑤ Remember 543333333, first use the Spirit Volley skill, then the Spirit Chains to control the monsters, and then keep cutting the target 3333333 to hit these 4 monsters, and move with them to the big group, repeat 543333333.

⑥ In the case of no mistakes, the shadowy construct will be killed before entering the large group;

Whoever gets hit first in the shadow of death can help those who get hit later hit their shadowy construct.



Gurtogg Bloodboil(HP:5700000)

Skill list

Phase 1 Stage

Acidic Wound

Applied to the target of any of Gurtogg's melee attacks. Stacking debuff that deals damage over time and reduces armor. Lasts 60 seconds.



Cast every 10 seconds during phase 1. Afflicts 5 targets at once, choosing the 5 players who are furthest away from the boss. Applies a stacking debuff on players which deals 600 physical damage every second for 24 seconds.

Fel-Acid Breath

Cast periodically throughout the fight. Frontal cone effect which deals initial nature damage as well as nature damage over time to anyone afflicted by the spell.


Bewildering Strike

Cast during phase 1 periodically on the primary threat target, confusing them for 8 seconds. This forces a tank swap since the boss will ignore a target who is confused.


Arcing Smash

Cast approximately every 10 seconds during both phase 1 and 2. Deals enhanced melee damage to all targets in a cone in front of the boss and reduces their healing received by 50% for 4 seconds.


Fel Rage

Cast on a random raider after 90 seconds of phase 1 which initiates phase 2. Increases maximum health of the player by 30,000, armor by 15,000, all damage done by 300%, and all healing done by 100%. Also increases Gurtogg's damage done by 85% and gives Gurtogg a stacking 8% melee haste buff  Fury. Gurtogg will only focus attacks on the target afflicted by Fel Rage.


 Fel Geyser

Cast on the location of the target afflicted with Fel Rage. Knocks back other players and deals 3238 nature damage.



Insignificance is cast at the same time as Fel Rage on every player who is not the Fel Rage target. It reduces threat generation by 100%.


Kill Guide

Difficulty: 2.5/5


Failure Considerations: 

tank death; random aggro;The bloodboils and eats chaotically;


Position display:

① Station as shown in the picture, the treatment is scattered in the midfield; the left leg of the melee BOSS, do not use the frontal skills; the sacond tank and the third tank is responsible for the boss's right leg, adjust 120 degrees after receiving aggro; the player who eats bloodboils standing by the pool.

② After the boss is opened, 1 group of 5 players goes into the water (farthest from the boss), after the blood boils, 1 group goes up, 2 groups go down, and then 2 groups go down and 3 groups go up. At this time, the 24-second debuff of group 1 is almost up. 1 group continue to the next 3 group, cycle.

③ Before entering P2 in 60 seconds, except for the group that is going to eat blood boiling in the water, the rest of the players are scattered to deal with the fel geyser;

After the BOSS putting debuff, all the healing will be given to theplayer who is hitby the Fel Rage, and the player will take the DPS time.

⑤ After 30 seconds, switch to the P1 stage, and the aggro will return to the state at the end of P1. Repeat the position, task and blood boiling order of the P1 stage just now.



Reliquary of Souls


Skill list

Stage P1 Essence of Suffering HP: 2280000

Aura of Suffering:

Aura;Everyone's healing effect is reduced by 100%, health regeneration effect is reduced by 100%, armor value is reduced by 100%, and defense is reduced by 500.


Soul Drain[Dispel]:

Cast in 1 second, cast on 4 random targets, deal about 3000 damage every 3 seconds, and absorb about 3000 mana. This magic can be dispelled.



The closest player to the boss will automatically get this debuff, and the player who gets the Fixate will become the boss's aggro target.



3 seconds reading, 25% increased physical damage, 50% increased attack speed for 15 seconds.


Stage P2 Desire Essence HP: 3030000

Aura of Desire [Spell Reflectioned] [Healing]:

Aura; attacks deal 50% reverse damage, increase the healing effect by 100%, and reduce the maximum mana by 1% every 2 seconds.


Deaden [Spell Reflectioned]:

Cast in 1 second, increase the damage received by the target by 100%, this skill can be interrupted by spell reflectioned.


Rune Shield[Steal]: 

Absorbs 50,000 damage, immune to spell interrupts, increases attack speed by 100%, and increases casting speed by 100%. This skill can be stolen.


Spirit Shock [Interrupt]: 

Deals massive damage and disorients the main tank. This is cast every 5 seconds and must be interrupted every single time.


Stage P3 anger essence blood volume: 3030000

Aura of Anger[Healing]:

Aura;one tick every 3 seconds, each tick deals 100+(N*100) damage to self, N represents the number of tick. at the same time, each jump increases the DPS of self-damage by 5%.


Spite [Healing]:

Give a random player a DEBUFF, immune to all damage within 6 seconds, and deal 7500 damage to the player after 6 seconds.


Soul Scream [Release Rage]: 

Deals around 3000 damage to enemies in a cone in front of you, and also deals magic*1/rage*100 damage.



 Every time the boss changes targets, his attack speed increases by 100%.


Kill Guide

Difficulty: 3/5


Failure Considerations:

P1 tank connection problem or DPS too slow; P2 interrupts too many mistakes; P3 DPS too slow.


Position display:

Stage P1 Essence of Suffering

① At this stage, treatment is prohibited, only the shield can be used. The first tank walks to the center of the boss's red circle and starts to take damage. If he can't bear it, he exits. The second tank enters, and then the third. Normally, the time for 3 tanks to be hitted with empty blood is the time for the BOSS to be killed.

② Priests and holy paladin should pay attention to dispelling Soul Drain skills, especially 3 tanks.

③ The DPS of other healing class; the tank pays attention to using skills and jewelry to increase the duration of taking damage; after the end of the stage, clean up the mobs and restore mana.


Stage P2 Essence of Desire

① At this stage, let the warrior take the damage, and it’s convenient for Spelling Reflectioned the Deaden skills of the boss; the warlock keep Curse of Tongues on the boss.

② DPS class pay attention to self-damage to themselves, do not be dead, especially shadow priest, Element-SA.

③ The mage must steal the boss' rune shield as soon as possible.

④ At least 2 interrupt class are needed to interrupt Spirit Shock. It is recommended that 4 player be divided into 2 groups to interrupt. After all, if tank is hitted, it is easy to reduce the number of player; if there is a rogue wearing Opportunists Leather Gloves, then one rogue enough.


Stage P3 Wrath Essence

① A relatively simple stage, because the increasing ability of the whole group to take damage, bloodlust should be used in this stage.

② Keep the full HP of players who are hitted by Spite, and do not reduce the number of players.

③ At this stage, the bear druid take damage is better. It is not easy to die when angered.


Mother Shahraz(HP:4550000)

Skill list

Silencing Shriek:

Silences players in melee range for 10 seconds.


Saber Lash [Healing]:

Inflict 60000-75000 physical damage to up to 3 frontal enemies, which can be reduced by armor, and the three tanks split the actual damage by 7000-9000 each.


Fatal Attraction[Dispersion]:

Randomly teleport 3 players to a random location, give them a debuff and connect them in pairs, players with debuffs deal 1000/2000/3000/3000/3000per second to surrounding targets (including themselves) damage, when the distance between the two players exceeds 25 yards, the debuff disappears. The damage can be reduced by 25% by increasing the shadow resistance;



 Sinful Beam:

One of many "beam" attacks that targets a random player and jumps to nearby players, affecting up to 10 players. Deals 6938 shadow damage to each player.


 Sinister Beam:

One of many "beam" attacks that targets a random player and jumps to nearby players, affecting up to 10 players. Deals 2000 shadow damage to each player and knocks them backwards.


 Vile Beam:

One of many "beam" attacks that targets a random player and jumps to nearby players, affecting up to 10 players. Afflicts players with a damage over time effect which deals 2500 shadow damage every 2 seconds and lasts 8 seconds.


 Wicked Beam:

One of many "beam" attacks that targets a random player and jumps to nearby players, affecting up to 10 players. Burns 1000 mana from all players hit.



Prismatic Aura: Randomly select one of the following auras, switching every 10 seconds or so for 11 seconds.

Prismatic Aura - Fire: Increases Fire damage by 25% and reduces Frost damage by 25%

Prismatic Aura - Frost: Increases Frost damage by 25% and reduces Fire damage by 25%

Prismatic Aura - Nature: Increases Nature damage by 25% and reduces Arcane damage by 25%

Prismatic Aura - Arcane: Arcane damage dealt increased by 25%, Nature damage dealt decreased by 25%

Prismatic Aura - Shadow: Increases Shadow damage by 25% and reduces Holy damage by 25%

Prismatic Aura - Holy: Increases Holy damage by 25% and reduces Shadow damage by 25%


Kill Guide

Difficulty: 2/5


Failure Considerations: 

Tank death;

The three players being teleported always die;

The teleported player blew up and failed.


Position display:

① Being on the edge can reduce the chance of being teleported to a large group.

② The three tanks overlap and share the damage of the saber. The saber is more frequent, and the large pressure on the tank's HP. The HP of the main tank continues to heal, and the HP of the two sub-tanks should also keep health within 6 seconds; the main tank cannot be a tank paladin because of silence.

③ The three players teleported by Fatal Attraction quickly ran away while staying away from the group. In addition to tanks, all players in group is recommended to wear more than 200 shadow resistance or no shadow resistance who wears Rocket Boots Xtreme to quickly disconnect the connection.

④ To deal with Beam skills, you only need to continue to increase HP; DPS class identify the types of Prismatic Aura, and change the output method of higher damage at any time.



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