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A Guide with the Best Strategies for the Bosses of Karzahan in TBC

Strategies for the Bosses of Karzahan in TBC

Choosing the Shortest Route

The shortest route for this raid is also the easiest one, as it allows you to skip many boss fights and get it all over as quickly as possible. That’s why this is the route that we’ll be discussing today. That said, here are all the guides and tips you’ll need to face off against the required bosses in Karzahan while skipping all the optional rooms and encounters.


The 4 powerful adds that Moroes summons will be for the tanks to deal with. Specifically speaking, the offtanks are the ones who should be dealing with these adds while the main tank faces against Moroes. Healers also have a very important role to play, as they’ll need to pay special attention to the offtanks as their health depletes.

Opera Event

In the Little Red Riding Hood event, healers need to focus on all those that have been transformed. For the Romulo and Julianne event, make sure that DPS interrupts all of Julianne’s spells while the tanks keep Romulo away from the encounter. For the Wizard of Oz event, the only important thing is for each role to perform their important basic functions while following the kill order of Dorothee, Tito, Roar, Strawman, Tinhead, and the Crone in that exact way. 

The Curator

This encounter is one of the simpler ones. All three roles have to ensure that they stay away from the pathways of the flares, while the DPS also ensure that they kill these flares every chance that they get while slowly focusing on taking down the Curator as well.

Chess Event

This is a unique and enjoyable “boss fight” that is played in the form of a chess match. There are no specific strategies for it, and it isn’t anything too difficult. Anyone on your team that knows how to play chess should be able to easily complete it.

Prince Malchezaar

The Prince, Malchezaar, is technically the main and final fight of the Karzahan raid in TBC. Being the final ones, he’s one of the more difficult ones to get past. All three roles need to focus on running away from his Shadow Nova while also ensuring that they avoid the Nethersprite Infernals. 

There are three different phases, and DPS has to ensure they make the most of defensive cooldowns in the third phase. On the other hand, tanks have to make the most out of said defensive cooldowns in phase two. As for the healers, they need to keep removing the Shadow Word: Pain effect throughout the fight. They’ll also need to focus on the tanks and DPS in phases two and three respectively. Follow all these brief tips and you should be able to get through the raid in no time.

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