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A Guide to Upgrading Strategies in WoW TBC Classic

Introduction: In MMORPGs like WoW, one of the main features is upgrading. Whether it be upgrading your character specifically or the items that they use, it is one of the most important things to do in the game. We’re here to provide a guide on the best ways to do so.

Discussing the Best Upgrade Strategies for WoW TBC Classic

Two main things can be upgraded in WoW TBC. One of these is your character themselves, such as the stats that they have. This directly affects how strong they are and what kind of things are accessible to them. Then there are the item upgrades, which is something that RPG players are likely completely familiar with. We’ll be discussing both of them in our guide for upgrading in WoW TBC Classic which is given below.

Upgrading Your Character

Upgrading your character is possible by leveling up. Doing so improves their stats and the rewards that they can receive. It also opens new quests which lead to better rewards. With that said, getting experience is the only way to go about this. In TBC Classic, Blizzard has made it much easier for players to level up as compared to WoW Classic, especially once they reach level 20. But the road to level 60 is still very difficult. The first steps are the hardest of all, which involve players making it to level 30. 

The quests at the start barely offer meaningful experience, so you’ll have to look elsewhere if you wish to level up your character fast. World quests, random encounters, and daily quests are all the best possible options in this case. Complete these from the start and never stop doing so until you reach level 60. After level 20-30, the main quests usually provide a lot of experience so do those to gain levels quickly as well. Their character will continue to upgrade immensely as players do so.

Item Upgrade Strategies

Next up is discussing items and the best ways to go around upgrading those in TBC Classic. Knowing how to manage these upgrades can provide players with a huge boost compared to other players around the same level. The first thing to focus on is weaponry. As the popular saying goes, the best defense is a good offense, and that’s exactly the case in WoW. The second that upgrades are unlocked for your character in TBC Classic, focus on improving the available weaponry you use most often.

After this is done, focus on armor. It is the second most important piece of equipment after weapons. Fully upgraded armor can offer great protection against foes. Then come all the other things which are less important in comparison. These can be upgraded to one’s liking. All the things players need for upgrades are listed in the upgrade menu, and those that wish to get them will have to complete specific quests which are easy enough, so there are no strategies needed for that specifically.

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