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A Guide to Quickly Improving Prestige in World of Warcraft

Introduction: Players get better and better rewards for upgrading their prestige levels in WoW. If you’re interested in getting these rewards for yourself but don’t want to grind for prestige, here’s our strategy on the best and most efficient ways to rack up prestige levels in World of Warcraft.

What is Prestige in World of Warcraft?

Those who have been playing WoW for a while now are no doubt familiar with what the prestige system is. This was introduced back when the Legion expansion was released and provides players with something extra to grind for. The honor system is one of the main ones in the entire game, and the prestige level feature just adds upon it in a way. To understand this specific aspect, newer players first need to understand honor.

For every quest or other specific actions that players take using their characters, their honor will increase. Once they get enough of it, their honor level rises and they get rewards as a result. Prestige was introduced in Legion as an addition to this. Every 50 honor levels later, players jump up one prestige level. This provides them with rewards much more handsome than those provided by honor level ups.

Now that you’re familiar with exactly what prestige levels are in WoW, the next step is to worry about upgrading them and getting the best possible rewards for yourself. The problem is that leveling up prestige takes a long time in most cases because it only upgrades once after every 50 honor levels. But there are ways to make the process much quicker for yourself. Continue reading our guide given below to find out more.

A Guide to Quickly Upgrading Your Prestige Level in WoW

To upgrade one’s prestige level quickly, the only thing that one needs to know is how to upgrade his or her honor level quickly. Both of them are directly linked, as already mentioned a few times. So finding out some ways to quickly upgrade your honor is more than enough to upgrade prestige levels. There are a few different ways in particular that are especially efficient for this. One example, which is arguably the best one of them all, is world quests. World quests are the best way for players to upgrade their honor level as they provide great rewards.

So do some roaming and complete whatever world quests you can for faster prestige upgrades. Another thing to watch out for is the dailies. These quests also provide a nice little boost to honor levels. If you do just these world quests and dailies alone, jumping 3-4 honor levels every day shouldn’t be a problem. This number can probably be cranked up to 5-6 of these levels if you do other things as well. In short, you’ll be able to jump up a prestige level once every week or so because of this, which is much faster than the average of most players.

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