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A Guide to Becoming the Best Priest Possible in WoW TBC Classic

World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic Priest Guide

It’s no secret at all that Priests are a great class to learn in WoW. Ever since World of War Classic came out, they’ve been one of the best options for any player. Now that TBC Classic is finally upon us, all those who spent so much time getting better at playing the Priest will love to hear that the class is still one of the best around by far. 

This is all thanks to the unique utility and versatility of Priests in the game which make them excellent for many different things. What these different things are is dependent on the specific Priest spec that you decide to go with. These specs are defined in detail below, along with their main functions.

The Main Priest Specs to Choose From

There are a total of three main specs to choose from, including Shadow Priest, Holy Priest, and Discipline Priest. Shadow is very different from the other two options because it doesn’t focus much on healing at all. Instead, it helps teammates by messing with enemies and ruining their strategies with different debuffs and spells. As for Holy, it is one of the best specs in the game by far when it comes to healing, having great AoE and single target healing output that is very easy to make the most out of. 

Up last is Discipline which is a well-balanced type of priest especially great for PvP, having good damage and healing output at the same time. Now that you know what each of these specializes in, choosing which one you wish to play as is all up to you and your preferred style of play. Once the decision is made, focus on the strategies below and you’ll always be a great Priest asset for your team.

Becoming the Best Priest Class You Can in TBC

The very first thing to do if you’re new to playing Priest is going to the Priest trainer. Once this is done and you’ve learned all the basics, the next step is to adjust what you’ve learned according to your preferred spec. Train your ability usage and management as they are the most important things for Shadow Priests. However, if you’re a Holy Priest, just remember that damage certainly isn’t your strong suit. 

Focus on your positioning and making sure you’re always in the right spot to heal teammates when it counts most. The next is Discipline. This one is the most difficult to fully master, as it requires both great management and positioning. This specific spec is terrible for PvE but very useful for PvP, meaning that learning how to read your enemies and memorizing their strategies quickly is also important for Discipline Priests.

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