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A Brief but Detailed Guide for Clearing Out the Zul’Aman Raid in The Burning Crusade

A Tactical Walkthrough for the Zul’Aman Raid in TBC

This raid can be approached through many different orders, and our guide below lists all the bosses in the order which works best.

1. Nalorakk

In the first stage Nalorakk is a human and does random charges. These can be avoided if you know exactly who the random charge is intended for, but that’s the tricky part. The second phase in which he turns into a bear is much more difficult but can be made easy if second tanks to their job of taunting and distracting him. Once distracted, main tanks and DPS can ambush him while being watchful of any sudden attacks.

2. Akil'zon

Akil’zon has a storm spell which he uses every minute to target random players in the raid. The player that’s targeted is lifted in the air and then a cloud forms over their head. It is highly recommended that all others focus on finding this cloud and standing under it, as it’s impossible to take any damage while doing so. Then just attack him with ranged moves while standing there.

3. Halazzi

Halazzi’s first phase can take a serious toll on teams because of all the damage he is capable of doing, which is why it’s very important to rush his health to 75% and get him to phase 2. In the second phase, he’ll spawn a spirit of the lynx. Luckily the boss and the lynx don’t have too much HP and are easy to take care of if the main tank stays on Halazzi while the secondary tanks stay on the spirit with DPS and healers assisting however they can.

4. Jan’alai

There are only two very important things to keep in mind while facing this boss, one of which is to hatch as eggs as possible before Jan’alai reaches 35% health, otherwise, things will get too difficult to handle. It’s also important to focus on minimizing his fire breath damage when he isn’t spawning hatchers.

5. Hex Lord Malacrass

This boss is difficult but can be made easier if tanks do their job well. Keep Malacrass distracted at all times so that the tanks can focus on doing some serious damage to him. Make sure to get rid of 1 or 2 of the ads he spawns at the beginning too as quickly as possible.


6. Zul'Jin

Up last is Zul’Jin, the final boss of the raid. His many different phases will be a mix of the previous bosses you’ve faced so far, so just use the same tactics depending on the specific phase to deal with him. Healers must strictly focus on keeping tanks alive. 

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