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What’s New in New World June Update

     Time flies, the game has been online for more than eight months since the end of September last year. This week we have the June update and the New World team has released a new video to discuss the July PTR, the removal of Tuning Orbs, perk and loot changes, and trade skill improvements.

     First thing is expedition keys or dungeon keys being removed. So you're no longer gonna need to deal with the pain that is making mutated expedition tuning orbs and making genesis tuning obs and buying them from the vendor and crafting them. They're just gonna be like you can run them for free now. However it does come with a caveat and some people not gonna be too happy about this.

     The second one-20 mutated expeditions a week is not good enough, and expedition keys being removed 15 normal dungeons a day 20 expeditions mutated expeditions a week, also on the topic of the current existing keys that you have those are going to be converted into loot caches.

     Next thing they talk about in the video is perks they have buffed over 150 perks in the game and also weapon perks when they are on your weapon specifically will be much more powerful than when you're on your armor. So it might be worth thinking ahead of time. If you have a great axe maybe it's worth getting insatiable gravity well on the grid x ,any relevant weapon perk fortifying perforate for the spear so on and so forth you wanna make sure that you actually have it on the weapon now. We don't really know exactly how strong it's gonna be we'll have to wait to see the ptr of the patch notes but something worth bearing in mind also some weapon perks have been reworked as well so hopefully.

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