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The Coolest Little Things in New World April Update

The New World official published the April Update on April 22, with the opening description:

With dozens of bug-fixes, new quality-of-life (QoL) features, and UI changes, this update is all about making life in Aeternum feel better and smoother on a moment-to-moment basis. Our team is continually working on improving the New World experience.

Going into the game now, we can indeed find some good and not bad changes. First is about Map Change.User Interface does look smoother and more comfortable. New buttons and more specifically the territory standing tab by default is now grayed out, if you do not have any upgrades and it will just simply be grey when you hover over it. Now when you actually level up a territory standing point in the respective area that you're in this will go yellow.

Second,there is a new section in the keybinding section of the settings tab for specifically the Live Staff combat, but essentially if you have 84 hands and 16 mice you will be able to now assign a button and keybind for each group member as well as a toggle group mode of healing in all seriousness, though this is a really cool thing and it does allow the healers to have much more fluid access over their group when they are healing.

And when you're in your inventory you can no longer right click on an item to bring up the menu we have, instead if you hover over it you see these by default and it tells you everything what are the bindings and the ability to change the skin, if you just left click it will open this full menu and then you can click on each of them or use the appropriate key binding or button and click again combination. To be able to perform your actions there instead of right clicking, this should make the UI work more smoothly, again a really cool little update.

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