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New World Weapon Column:Bow

The Bow is a ranged weapon with long-distance attacks. Its "Skirmisher" tree provides evasion, AoE and poison attacks, while the "Hunter" tree focuses on damage.

Bows benefit solely from Dexterity. Players can also find a bow with different rarity by plundering the defeated target.

The bow may be one of the most reliable and versatile weapons in the new world. Suitable for single-target damage, the bow performs well in PVP, although it can also perform well in clearing expeditions with correct mastery.

Now let’s talk about some details of "Skirmisher" tree and "Hunter" tree.

  "Skirmisher" tree:

  Evade Shot: Leap back 5m and shoot an arrow dealing 125.0% weapon damage. Cooldown: 15 seconds

  Evasive Knockback: Evade Shot knocks your target back 2.0m.

  Rain of Arrows:Shoot a barrage of arrows that covers a ?m radius area and deals 150.0% weapon damage. This ability cannot headshot.

  Cooldown: 25 seconds

  Poison Shot:Shoot a poison arrow that deals 50.0% weapon damage. On hit or land, this arrow creates 3m radius poison cloud that lasts 6s. Foes entering the cloud are poisoned and take 10.0% weapon damage per second for 20.0s. This ability cannot headshot. Cooldown: 30 seconds

  Great for PVP, Poison debuff can prevent enemies from healing, especially in the early game, most people are chewing rations to restore health. This is an AOE ability where you can fire at the ground (it creates clouds), so try to predict the opponent's movement.

  "Hunter" tree:

  Penetrating Shot: Shoot an arrow that deals 150.0% weapon damage and passes through targets. This attack has a range of 100m. Cooldown: 18 seconds

  Rapid Shot: Shoot 3 consecutive arrows. The first two deal 100.0% weapon damage each. The last shot causes a knockback and deals 125.0% weapon damage.Cooldown: 14 seconds

Maybe some players are not good at choosing bows, but we still provide some tips about bow build for players who play bows:

  1. Light armor is the first choice. Dodge's extra mobility can play a role.

  2. The heavy blow of the bow is actually very reliable, at least if it starts with a heavy blow due to some passive skills of the bow. Aiming with a bow is not easy-some players prefer the hit scan of the musket.

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