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New World Top 3 Best Weapon Builds in 2021

  Today we’re going to be bringing you 3 amazing weapon builds.

  For Rapier ,you have to get your dexterity to 200 points, get 50 points in constitution and then continue putting everything else in dexterity. Around level 60 you should have 350 dexterity and 100 constitution and lastly for your gear you want to go with the light category. If you haven't reached this point yet then don't worry and follow the previous instructions then taking a closer look.

  First of all you want to unlock right up from the start both these two abilities call the Evade and Riposte. Afterwards unlock both these two perks then lastly get the third ability called the Fleche, then get these three perks .

  Take a closer look at the left side , get both these two perks and now again from this moment you're feel free to spin your points in whatever order you like.



  The best way to attack a player is at the start always try to have a distance between you and the enemy so no matter if you're farming mobs in pve or doing solo.

  Next are Void Gauntlet and Life Staff. Level 60 players generally have 300 focus and 150 constitution and lastly for your gear you want to go with the medium category and the best gear setup is to have heavy helmet, heavy chest armor, medium gloves ,light pants and medium boots.

  This recommended build needs you unlock Keen Confidence first , then Refreshing Precision,Oblivion. And unlock the last third ability called the orb of decay.


  For Life staff, first of all you neee to unlock Absolved, Sacred Ground. Then afterwards unlock all three below. On the right side, you need to unlock Beacon and Light’s embrace. If you're looking for the best healer pvp and pve build and you want to deal damage but at the same time support the rest of your teammates then this is the best build for you. So good luck and have fun. 



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