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New World Starts Delivering Second Round of Server Transfers

  There is no doubt that the recent decline in the number of players has affected some people who insist on love. According, the total of players currently on EU Central numbers around 43k. For those in Europe, the server list is being reduced significantly as more than 25 servers fold into others. The United States has had a similar fate in both the East and West with around 18 servers in the East and six in the West disappearing. 

  Players in the New World have been waiting for transferring to their ideal server, and now finally is the time to put them to transfer servers following the long-awaited second distribution of server transfer tokens yesterday. Some Players has been given the rare tokens. These allow them to transfer from their current server to a fresh one of their choice, but there are also limitations.

  Transfer tokens are only available on account-based basis, thus players may keep them for as long as they want. 

  Some worlds have been flagged as full with these tokens being given out. Players cannot transfer into these closed servers, but they may take their characters out. On the New World forum, here is a list of these tokens.

  Before you can alter the server, youll need to get things done. These include ensuring you have arrived at a settlement and have left your Company. Departing players are also required to remove any active Trading Post or sell orders before they use the tokens.

  And Amazon has started a new megathread on the official forums where players can find known issues, including the Valentine’s Day cash shop bug, and report any others they discover while exploring Aeternum. The team will mainly update the thread with fixes for reported issues as soon as they’re rolled out. Expect them to produce new gameplay that players need and love.

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