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New World Server Merge Will Begin Next Wednesday!

  The New World team updated the information of the December PTR test update, and let us know about the confirmed winter vacation activities, as well as some major changes in the high water mark system and the endgame. A series of mergers were also announced today. Let’s take a look at what’s updated in the PTR.

  The PTR update did confirm the winter fusion event, with snowfall and northern lights in the site, as well as other festive winter decorations and items. When you collect winter tokens from recurring events, you will be able to use them in the holiday shop to buy cosmetics. Confirmed winter activities and activities include treasure hunts to decorate settlements, find gifts and other collectibles, and a new mission series from the Winter Wandering Snowman for festivals and side story missions.

  The most controversial change may just be the High Water Mark system and efforts to "have a compelling and diverse final game." Amazon has renamed "High Water" "Professional Knowledge". They added a new resource called Gypsum, which can be obtained daily through activities. Different types of Gypsum come from different activities. When you make plaster balls, you can make them into castings of any weapon, jewelry or armor type.

  Amazon does admit that players who have not yet reached level 60 may find the new world "harder", although they hope that the new Gypsum currency introduced by the expert system can help offset some.

  About the serve merges, it will be a very long process. For Central Europe: Ishtakar, Metsola, Glitnir, Kalevala, Zu-Vendis, and Phaeacia will be merging into Caer Sidi on December 11, 2021 3:00 AM .For South America: Tuma, Svarga, Rukh and Patala will be merging into Irkalla on December 11, 2021 3:00 AM .

  Whatever, hope everyone will be more smooth in the process of playing, good luck !

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