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New World Secret How Does the Loot Work?


  Do you have compared with other players, these trophy is not your most expecting? The anchor DRLUPO talked to developers from New World before and explained to him the trophy system. It accurately explained how you get items and why the trophy sometimes fluctuates so. Actually, New world depends on a special system. Because each armor groove and each weapon slot will remember how good your previous trophy, on this, you have the opportunity to get better equipment.

  Developers use the following example interpretation system:

  If you have a 62-level opponent dropped a sword with a armor value of 510, then the weapon slot will know that your maximum armor is 510 from now on. However, for other slots, there is a different maximum setting - value, depending on the decline.

  You don't have to wear a weapon or armor for this. In any case, the system will remember this value.Whenever you get a weaker item than 510, you will get an opportunity to get a more high-navigated item.

  However, the monster is capable. The 61-level opponent has the highest equipment value X, and the 62-level opponent is up to the highest equipment value Y.

  Specifies the opponent (elite opponent and boss) Always have a higher opportunity to get more powerful equipment.

  How about legendary items ? Those who want the strongest equipment in New World will sooner or later work on legendary equipment. Here too, knowledge of the loot system now plays an important role.

  You can get the 133 legendary weapons in various ways, such as crafting or quests. But many of them can also be obtained as drops from mobs or via boxes.

  So if you want to increase the chance of legendary equipment by dropping it, you must already have a high equipment value that has dropped. This is where farming high-level enemies and bosses seem to be most effective.

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