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New World Open Beta is ready!

Open Beta starts on September 9 at 7:00AM PT (2:00PM UTC) and continue until September 12 at 11:59PM PT (6:59AM UTC).

Why Amazon hold an Open Beta test?

New World Open Beta has two purposes:

1.New World Players can find bugs by testing these servers in order to provide a ton of constructive feedback and many more key learnings to the development team of the new world.

2.During Closed Beta, we ran into both server issues and over-population resulting in queue times, preventing some players from being able to experience the danger and beauty found in Aeternum.Now the team of New World can increase the number of servers based on the test situation.

How to apply qualification for this Open Beta?

Players can request access beginning on September 8 at 7:00AM PT (2:00PM UTC). To request access, follow the 4 steps:

1.Open Steam

2.Find New World in the Steam store

3.Scroll down a bit and you will seeJoin the New World Open Beta

4.Click This button“Request Access

5.Keep an eye out for an email notification from Steam

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