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New World How to Quickly Level Up to 60

We all know the maximum level of the new world is 60. The range of skills in the game is wide; from armoring, jewelcrafting, logging, mining, smelting, and/or harvesting.

By then, players will find their equipment score (an indicator of equipment quality) hovering around 480-500. This is not the upper limit of equipment scores, which means that at level 60, for many players, the game has just begun. This is where you can improve to a level. Players can look for the best weapons and armors to optimize their characters to face the most challenging enemies. The goal of this guide is to show you how I went from level 10 to level 60.

Players of level 10-20 will focus on some skills that will help them in future games. In these levels, players should also use settlements for side missions to gain bonus experience, as well as main missions. These side quests can be found by looking for the yellow cross indicator above the friendly or neutral NPCS. In the course of the mission, players will find various materials, such as iron ore, Dragon Glory or Water of Azoth, scattered in the new world. 

During level 21-45, players will notice that the mission does not generate as much relative experience as they used, and the leveling up is really slow. The missions continue to provide the same amount of experience, but the level of experience will increase. Remember all the materials I asked you to collect from the main and side missions during your travels? It's time to make them work.

After reaching level 45, players will want to complete every town project board they can manage. Choose a town where you can travel quickly, and if possible, buy a house in these areas. This allows you to get home quickly, which is cheaper than traveling with Azoth. This is especially important because weight plays an important role in the fast travel system of the new world. The town project committee can only be used when the ruling company maintains an active town project in progress.

If you can purchase resources for the town project, it is recommended to use this resource, because it is more advantageous to purchase raw materials within this level and convert them to a higher-end version.

Next time well continue to share how to do after level 60, thank you for your reading.

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