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New World How to Get More Winter Tokens After 1.2 Update

  December update : Winter convergence festival has released. Most players must think it’s good to see that they've added decorations with Christmas cheer and stuff in all over Everfall and all the other cities. Also you're able to loot underneath these little trees and get special stuff from them. Even the stairs are decorated with star-shaped lights, giving it a strong festive feel.


  And if you want to get some items from winter convergence shop, you need to have winter tokens. If you watch videos of Asmonlord, you must know how many tokens you need to buy all things in this shop. Besides, 10 gleaming lodestone makes one token.

  So, how to get winter tokens?

  1. Doing quests given by winter wanderer at winter villages in four different locations; which are east Everfall, south monarchs bluffs, north weavers finn and west brightwood.

  2. Finding presents and exchanging them at a holiday hut. You can use three presents to get one token; and you’ll find these presents all on the ground or floating in the sky.

  3. You can also exchange Geamite Metrors for tokens, it is going to cost you 10 gleamite for one token but if you buy the food out of the winter shop you can actually double the amount of gleamite that you earn while you're harvesting it. By the way, gleamite spawns only happen at night.

  If you're in a settlement, make sure that you visit the trees of light when you loot these trees, it's gonna reward you with a gift that you can open, that's gonna offer you some tokens; the better the gift is wrapped, the more tokens you're gonna receive. You can also receive lock boxes out of these gifts that have items inside of them.


  For reputation, Tier 1 of the Tree of Light has a Forlorn Gift Pile, which awards 50 Reputation with the Winter Wanderer and a Hastily Wrapped Present. Opening this Present will award 1 Winter token. Collecting all 11 of these will net you 550 Reputation for the event.

  Tier 2 of the Tree of Light has a Magnificent Gift Pile, which awards 100 Reputation with the Winter Wanderer and a Beautifully Wrapped Present. This Present contains 3 Winter Token and has a chance to also give 1 Premium Winter Token. Collecting all 11 at this tier of these will net you 1100 Reputation for the event.

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