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New World Has Disabled Character Creation All Regions

  I have to say that the operation and responding to problems with New World has refreshed the player's brain again. They disabled Character Creations all regions! And Luxendra didn’t give any explanation but players have had some guess like : “I’m thinking its to implement an anti bot account creation thing.” “Perhaps it’s a temporary solution to the gold sellers making new throwaway characters every hour to spam us with garbage in global and avoid our block/mutes. It doesn’t have to be bad, unless you just bought the game today, then its going to suck.”

  When it comes to robots, there are a lot of things to discuss. I believe players have also seen articles about criticizing robots in games. Like New World players saddened as bots are hitting level 60: “This is how the game dies”.Even some players have joked about celebrating “birthdays” for the pesky farmers, some sharing some funny stories to make light of the annoyance, “Our server threw a birthday party for a bot when he turned 40.

  Well, a Reddit user named BirthdayDiligent5328 shared a video showing a robust system that can keep bots from running rampant and cutting down hundreds of trees before. This includes placing a level 5 camp in the middle of the route, which will become an insurmountable obstacle for the usual AI of robots - usually set up to repeat some basic tasks. The New World robot, captured in the video, was unable to jump over the camp at all, nor could it effectively repeat its steps. I hope to provide an effective solution for you who are also troubled by this. But we all know it’s temporary. We sincerely hope that AGS will give us a healthy gaming ecosystem.

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