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New World Gold And Loot Discussion

New World Update 1.5.3 was published at 11:00PM PT (6:00AM UTC) on June 14, and includes adjustments to PvP rewards. The biggest adjustment is about PVP FACTION MISSIONS. The official inform is as follow:

*Adjusted PvP faction mission rewards to better align with other activities like Arenas and Outpost Rush. Players can now focus on their favorite PvP activities with less concern over whether their time would be better spent doing one specific activity to optimize rewards.

*Players will now earn 200 Salt and 350 PvP XP from each PvP faction mission. These missions previously rewarded 300 Salt and 500 PvP XP.

*Great Cleave 'Retrieve' & 'Control Point' missions now offer less Salt (100) and PvP XP (200) because they take less time to complete than other missions. Players can now accept a wider variety of quests to reap the same rewards within a similar time commitment.

And another thing we're going to talk about here with salvaging. If you're a person start stockpiling like random legendary items or things that can turn into legendary items,we may have the hope that maybe it's going to be more worth to salvage a legendary item and thankfully with the most recent dev update, what we found out is they're going to be making some changes to salvaging that being there's a way to get a perfect salvage and that these items that are higher quality are going to be worth more, but when you have a perfect selvage, you then have the chance to get gypsum orbs, you have chances to get pieces of paper that will give you trade skill xp, you'll get more gold you'll get more resources and ultimately it's going to be more worth to salvage higher quality items.

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