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New World Double XP Is Coming And Guess about Eggs

     This picture has caused heated discussions among players in recent days which posted on Twitter. Different eggs made players feel funny. And New World left a comment: We hope your time in Aeternum will be eggcellent. It’s so cute. We all know these are not simple eggs. The label and figure all represents something will happen. The egg on the right looks like we have just like the other double xp weekend that we had for weapons and character xp it looks like it's getting a bit more saucy so double xp but not just for player level so there's the 60 thing we also have it for weapons the hatch and the sword but we also look like we have it for trade skills with the engineering the was that armorsmithing or weaponsmithing and the harvesting so we are going to have a double x eggs double weekend at least. Not much info of this weekend has been released yet but trade skill leveling as well so for all of you who don't have your trade skills up . this is going to be a huge opportunity coming to new world so how can you best prepare so that you can get ahead of the curve be ready to go and do all the things you want to do well step one let's start with leveling. 

     And the other thing people need to consider is proficiency catches maybe right now you need to start stockpiling or a kelcom you need to start stockpiling whatever so that you can go farm a bunch of smelter gear or so you can go farm a bunch of crafting mats. There's a lot of gold opportunity ,leveling opportunity also will make the game more enjoyable.

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