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New World 3 Mistakes Every New Players Makes

  MMo games have something in common, but there are many differences between New World and Warcraft and other MMos, so is it possible that when you initially played New World, you focused on the wrong focus, resulting in a poor later game experience?

  First, do not consider the diversification of weapon collocation.You might think of pairing melee weapons and ranged weapons to deal with the en emies from everywhere. But in fact, there are magic weapons such as Life Staff and Fire Staff can also be paired with.

  Second, players should not only focus on rare materials and resources. For starters, even the most common materials can be a godsend for upgrades. As far as collectors are concerned, hemp may actually be just wealth. Hemp is one of the most common herbs, and many players skip them entirely in favor of other unique ingredients. However, players shouldn't skip hemp in the early game, especially since it allows them to craft some useful items early on. For example, hemp is a resource needed to make basic defense clothing and even fishing line for early resource gathering.

  Last but most important, weight is actually an important element in New World, unlike in other MMOs, especially since this time around Weight actually affects how players perform in actual combat. At its core, items in the inventory all have Weight, including Equipment. As such, a player’s playstyle may differ depending on the weapons and equipment they have on them. For example, light armor allows players to deal 20% more damage and have more room to avoid. For medium armor, players will only deal 10% more damage and reduce their cooldown by 10%, but at the cost of a smaller evasion window. Finally, heavy armor has little room to dodge and even deals less damage.

  These are problems that some players tend to ignore, we hope it will be helpful to novice players.

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