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New World :After Wealth Transfer Goundswell

Recently, New World has already had hot topics in various forums and social medias. There were a lot of sharings but also exposed several bugs and dissatisfaction. In the early morning of November 1, the gold duplication bug discovered by New World players caused quite a stir, but the official reply made many players at a loss. Without any notification, some players' gold trading was interrupted in progress. But the comforting thing is the official announces today that they will release 1.0.5 update at 7am on November 4. 

1. What are the specific contents of the update after the wealth transfer trading storm?

This update does have a lot of content,it contains: coin sellers, exploits, combat, outpost rush and general bug fixes. From Reddit, we can see the anxiety of the players has been soothed a lot. A player called madgodcthulhu said: ” That’s a pretty solid list of fixes good to see”.

It also implemented a change to dig into the "timed out while waiting for server to describe world" issue, and added a fix to reduce occurrences of this issue.

2. What problems do some players still have ?

A player called codebam expressed his confuse: He thought early game was great, main story and a few side quests to keep him level up, enough to be strong enough to take on the new mobs. Around level 30 to 40 he had to do all side quests to be able to keep up with the main story. The side quests at level 50 have been hard, usually take twice as long, and give the same amount of XP as the ones he was doing at level 30 and 40.

Some players also said that they were switched to servers with very little traffic.

Do you think the game will solve their problems ,go smoothly in the future and be recognized by more players?

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