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New World : How to Choose Your Weapons

The new world game is different from other mmo games, weapon materials need to be collected by yourself. This is also one of the interesting parts of the game. We picked a few special weapons to share with you. Weapons are vital in every fight, if you are a novice and don’t know much about weapons or are interested in other weapons, then go ahead.

First, there is a one-handed melee weapon:

1. Sword and Shield 

Advantages: has dizziness, ridicule skills, and excellent body skills.

Disadvantages: insufficient output, insufficient damage range

Equipment Matching: Heavy Armor

Talent match: main strength and vice agility

Recommended secondary weapons: two-handed hammer/axe

Recommended gems: red agate/malachite/opal 



Advantages: The musket is a long-range weapon and the only weapon in the game that has a hit scan. Its "Marksman" tree focuses on powerful single-target injuries

The "catcher" tree provides traps, bombs, and other controls. (Use trapper/hunting)

Disadvantages:slow change of bombs/not many continuous skills

Talent matching: main agility and sub-intelligence.

Equipment Matching: Light/Medium Armor

Recommended secondary weapon matching: Spear/Ice Gauntlet

Recommended gems:emerald/agate/black agate

3. Third,

Fire staff

Advantages: The staff of fire is a magic weapon that allows the holder to cast spells and attack from a distance. Fire Wizard can provide very high damage skills; the only weapon which can heal others

Disadvantages: consumes a lot of magic power and has no field control skills

Matching talents: only benefit from intelligence

Equipment Matching: Light/Medium Armor

Secondary weapon matching recommendation: Ice Gauntlet

Recommended gems:Ruby/Amethyst/Topaz/Sapphire

4. Fourth,

Great Axe

Advantages: It is the fastest of the two-handed melee weapons and has great potential to balance speed and damage of other weapons.

Disadvantages: It's still not quite as smooth to work with as a one-handed melee weapon, but with practice and some investment in the Mauler Mastery tree to increase attack range and AoE, it could make you in a tight situation.

Equipment Matching: Heavy Armor

Talent Matching: The Great Axe only benefits from power.

Recommended secondary weapon matching: Axe/Two-handed hammer

Recommended gems: malachite/opal

Different weapons have different advantages and disadvantages, also you need to change it when you be in PVP or PVE. So,

Which weapon do you prefer in PVP and Which weapon do you prefer in PVE?

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