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New Update 1.4.5 Changes And 3v3 Arena Discussion

A great opportunity in the April update makes it easier to find your way around town. When you enter a settlement, your map will automatically zoom in on that settlement instead of keeping the default zoom out view.

New World Update 1.4.5 downtime finished on May 10. This weekly update features general fixes for respawns, log ins, and more. It also includes balance changes to make the Great Axe perk Insatiable Gravity Well less powerful.New World's May update continues through its public beta phase, which means Amazon Games' developers will continue to tweak the knobs, as the latest release brings some changes to the headliner 3v3 Arena, as well as other notable general gameplay tweaks.

Among the changes to the Arena, consumables have been replaced with Arena-specific treats such as health potions, mana potions, and attribute foods. The patch also adjusts the rewards for the XP and PvP reward tracks, and makes many fixes for various bugs. In terms of PvP, the war feature now adjusts the rewards for certain faction control points on the game map.

General update news, some changes have been made to the Fire Staff, Void Gloves and several pieces of equipment; the drop rate of legendary refining materials from gathering has been increased, and the drop rate of the same materials in qualification boxes has been reduced; Respawn rates for copper, gold, and platinum have been increased, as well as increased spawn locations for stellar metal and oregano, and adjusted level ranges for hidden drops at level 4 to correct abundance issues.

For these changes, some players who almost quit before now give this kind of comment: “I played new world yesterday since I'm kinda burned out in lost ark .. and man they have made such huge changes ... Especially that you can access any storage from anywhere and transfer stuff without costing gold that makes this game 1000 times better for me.. also the traveling cost is only 20 azoth which also ignores the fact how encumbered are you .. it's game changing .... I'll log in more often now and I'm really interested where this game goes.”

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