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Is Lost Ark Better than New World?

  Discussions about the Lost Ark and the New World have intensified recently. Some subjective players think Lost Ark is 100% better than New World in every way; But there is no doubt that the two games are very different, and not all aspects can be compared.

  The following is from Twitch star Asmongold and Disguised Toast.

  Asmongold held the point that it was plagued by a slew of game-breaking bugs and exploits, the Texan-based streamer has spent over 500 hours exploring the universe’s emerald pastures, noting that “nobody plays 500 hours of a game they hate.”He also explained the reason. “The game is boring and repetitive, it’s that simple” he stated. “There are a lot of features in New World that are designed just to waste your time. Teleporting around, the game takes a long time to farm, anytime you die your gear loses durability damage – there are a lot of these things that are just time extension mechanisms, and at a certain point people get bored of doing the same thing.”

  “Until they released the most recent patch, the only way to progress in the endgame is just by mindlessly killing the same NPCs over, and over, and over for hundreds of hours until you’ll potentially get an upgrade. The crafting system in the game isn’t really much better. You have to craft, I don’t know, over 2,000 of something, and each time you craft it you have to farm out each material in itself.”

  During his recent viewerthon, Disguised Toast treated his viewers to his Lost Ark playthrough. Currently, the streamer has been busy grinding his way through the game’s main storyline in order to hit max level.

  Despite enjoying the flashy combat and beautiful visuals, Toast was quick to note that Lost Ark’s playerbase will likely drop significantly in the next few weeks. “I don’t imagine I’ll be playing this game in 10 days,” explained Toast.

  Judging from the information we have collected, many players are still sure about the game environment design and pve of the new world. We will wait and see how it will develop in the future.

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