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Heart of Madness Update Brings New World to Life

     Last week, as part of a recent developer update video, the team released an official New World roadmap for future content in 2022! The picture can indicate that there are mainly new weapons Blunderbuss and 3v3 arena in March; although the PTR has not been released, but the content mentioned in the video is enough to get players excited.

     This roadmap, assuming AGS is able to stick to it, means the game has a clear direction as to the cadence at which they release new content. If they manage to keep to it, it’ll make the existing player base happy and may potentially even draw players back. It’s by no means a guarantee, but they are at least being more open to their plans, instead of just shoving things onto the Public Test Realm. That’s why we think the update will bring New World to life. 

     In terms of PvP structure, 3v3 Arenas tend to be a staple among MMORPGs. It allows for enough flexibility to pull off interesting combos and strategies, without being as hectic as some of the large-scale PvP like Wars. Lost Ark and World of Warcraft use a similar structure and it’s done wonders for both of those, with both even having highly competitive paid tourneys.

      The Blunderbuss itself is designed to offer a lot of mobility options to Bruisers and Mages, as well as potentially cover some of the short-range woes of Mages at the same time. Only time will tell if this holds true, but nonetheless, it sounds like a great option for both sides of how it’s targeted.

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