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Asmongold Thinks New World Will Be Better

        This month is the 6th month since the launch of the new century. Although it has been ups and downs, like many other online games with an in-game economy, it has been plagued by bots, but also performed well at launch; Amazon Studio is still working hard to add new content; the big Live Streamer Asmongold who many players believe and follow have also posted a relevant video to express his views .

Asmongold said: I believe the game will get better.

       Frazzii, who has stepped down to spend more time with his family, explained: "I think the gaming experience in New World will get better over time. New World will be a lot like Guild Wars 2 because you won't have to pay for a subscription. fee or similar fee”. Amazon Games has a lot going for it, and with the recent release of Lost Ark, the game does a great job.While both games are published by Amazon and both are online, they are completely different, with two different studios behind the games. 

       Asmongold continued: "There will be people who buy the game and come back to play it regularly whenever new content comes out.However, because this is a simple buy-and-play game, there is no barrier to entry to play this game again. "

       Various other updates focus on giving players a new experience, including world painting, where two easels can be found in each territory, and when interacting, players will receive a vista painting that they can place in their home. The full list of changes along with patch notes can be found in the previous article.

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