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Gameplay will be an important first look for Madden 22

By Patches Chance

US Sports Editor

Madden 22 is still months away with little news to speak of yet, but one of the biggest reveals will be actual gameplay footage of the upcoming title.With a trailer and potentially more previews like a beta or demo on the horizon, we take a look at what the gameplay could look like for Madden 22.

Madden 22 Gameplay Trailer
While the announcement and reveal trailers that hype the title and potentially drop reveals like the cover athlete are certainly something fans look forward to, nothing hits like the gameplay trailer.The release of the Madden 22 gameplay trailer should land in the coming weeks, as a nearly 4-minute Gameplay Deep Dive was released for Madden 21 on June 23, 2020.We could see a similar drop for Madden 22, and the gameplay trailer will finally give us a glimpse at what playing Madden 22 will actually feel and look like.

Gameplay Beta
While there's no confirmation yet of a Madden 22 beta, it would be by far the best gameplay preview should EA Sports decide to host one.
It's unclear if any eventual beta would be closed or open to the public, but even a limited and closed beta could provide key insight into what the game is changing.As for timing, it's likely a beta would be announced either at or before EA Play Live, depending on how much time EA Sports wants to allow people to tackle it and provide them feedback.

New Features
With the Madden series continuing to land an annual release, it's always a big question of what ends up actually being different with each new title.Following some frustration from fans around some areas of Madden 21, the new features we see in Madden 22 could make a huge difference in the game
Core Gameplay
While upgrades elsewhere in Madden 22 can help, nothing makes a bigger impact on the game as a whole than core gameplay.If things don't play well and naturally on the virtual gridiron, no amount of polishing elsewhere will make a difference.We could see upgrades to interactions and animations between receivers and defensive backs, and ultimately they'll have to keep in mind the balance between making the game more challenging without alienating casual and new players.

Madden 22 Ultimate Team (MUT 22)
Finally, it will be important to see how EA Sports continuing to innovate in Madden 22 Ultimate Team.While core gameplay changes will be central to everything, they will need to keep bringing new cards and exciting promos to keep Ultimate Team thriving.As Madden 21 struggles to keep the excitement up in Ultimate Team, that could be a sign the development team at EA Sports is already making plans for MUT 22.

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