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Why Fortnite Removed the Shockwave Hammer?

The Shockwave Hammer is used for quickly destroying buildings or items, and in a pinch, also can be used to hammer an opponent halfway across the area while dealing some damage. It’s currently common to see the final surviving players battle it out using hammers to their advantage, making them harder targets to hit. But one hour before hammer was temporarily canceled, the official Fortnite status Twitter account said this due to an issue they have temporarily disabled the Shockwave hammer, their intent is to re-enable the Shockwave hammer in the next game update when this issue has been resolved, so that's a major loss to the game and the season for many fans. Maybe they need ten days or some time to consider whether to return or not. Let’s wait and see. 

Another topic is : Following the co-branding of Spider-Man, Naruto, and Dragon Ball, Fortnite fans have discovered that Epic may will co-brand with Pokémon due to Epic Games' recent acquisition of the company behind the popular Pokemon-themed game "Pokemon Go." on October 22nd last year. While this won't necessarily result in a joint title between the two games, it showed Epic's interest in the Pokemon brand.

Pokémon accompanied countless partners like Naruto for many years, none of the players don’t expect this kind of crossover. But we still have no specific evidence to prove when and whether we will see the magic thing.

However, we have good news that another crossover will become reality, Epic Games is partnering with EA on a Fortnite and Dead Space crossover that will go live in 2023. And the precedent for similar cross-promotional deals suggests players can at least look forward to a skin based on Dead Space protagonist Isaac Clarke.

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