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What's the News of Fortnite This Week

We don't know if you are already looking forward to the third season, it is possible that you have heard about the whiplash racing mode, or even a five-player mode, and then you will see new weekly challenges ,new atmosphere and narrative questline fully dubbed added to the challenge of the game. With tomorrow's v21.20 update because it's just something that happens with every update of Epic Games like it's an obvious thing to do, but on top of that we'll probably see some brand new summer challenges released and these challenges will not be creative-themed.

 One of the things we do know in tomorrow's update is a part of the Indiana jones collaboration is going to be the loading screen you can earn for free, this was leaked by their epic games box for you know creators to use for assets. To unlock the Indiana Jones skin in Fortnite, you must complete the Indiana Jones challenges when they become available. If theyre anything like previous challenge sets, youll have to finish a few of them to unlock Indiana Jones and then complete the entire set of quests to obtain all of his cosmetics. These quests are not currently available in the game right now, so you will have to wait before you can get the skin. 

Another thing can be expected is a new architect lightning cup which is a solos cup that will take place between July 6th and the 7th, the architects game style is going to be one where you can literally edit anyone in the game's builds so it's just building enabled but you can edit anyone's builds to your heart's desire.

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