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Mangekyō Sharingan Itachi Appeared in Fortnite!

   Awesome! ITACHI UCHIHA, GAARA,OROCHIMARU have been into Fortnite will their amazing weapons and skills! Hope Epic keep them forever! My favorite is still Gaara from Sahidden Village, famous for being the human pillar host of the one-tailed beast Shukaku. The ninja of the village of Shayin, after encountering Naruto Uzumaki and Naruto's competition to an amazing friendship, Gaara found a new target, making him the fourth Kazekage who leads the village of Shayin. And From June 23rd at 8pm ET to July 7th at 8pm ET, the doors are open to explore Konoha Village Konoha Hidden once again! Visit locations like Hokage Residences, Ichiraku (the best ramen in Yemura!), and the hospital. Complete quests from Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, and Kakashi to earn XP and unlock other iconic locations like the Final Valley, Chunin Examination Grounds, and even unlock Naruto's mind space with Kurama (Nine Tailed Fox) . To access the Konoha Village Adventure map, select the Konoha Village Adventure tile in the Discovery tab or enter the code 0610-6440-1958.

   Also you must know that this series of quests is very simple, so how to unlock and complete and get rewards?

   First thing you need to do is just make your way inside of the Fortnite battle royale main lobby and spawned in to creative and basically do this is a simple press on the pulls button. Then once you do that you should see maps scoreboard you want to go over to quests but once you are on quest you will see that the island hopper challenges are available for two weeks and there's three rewards in total, you need to complete six of the island hopper quest to order to get all of the rewards and obviously you get xp but each and every single one of them. Each and every single one of them will match different rewards so if you complete six challenges you can actually get all of these rewards.

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